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Hi everyone, what a great forum! - Carers UK Forum

Hi everyone, what a great forum!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,
I'm brand new - and very glad I've found you!
I'm an 'unofficial' carer for my mum, and my dad too to an extent. I don't live with them but they aren't too far away. Mum has 'a depressive illness' (as her psychiatrist calls it), and can barely walk since suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica. Dad has severe arthritis and a heart condition.
They are in their 70s and I am an only child and single so the worry is all mine!
It's nice to know I'm not alone - I think I'll be using this forum a lot from now on!
Just a quick hello from me Mandy, look forward to hearing more about you and your family.

Please shout up if you need any help with the site!

Take care

Paula xx
Cheers from Australia Mandy - I have been unofficially caring for my Dad aged 94 for many years now, although I was working until recently. Now I am applying to be his official carer and get the carers payment.
Dad is pretty hard going but I do my best, hoping to take on the main stress as my younger sister has a stressful fulltime job and gets bad migraine.
I guess we will derive some comfort from this forum.
All the best!
Welcome to you too Rosie - I think you are our first ever Australian forum member!

Look forward to hearing more about you and your father.

Take care

Paula xx
Welcome to you both. Look forward to reading your postings

It will be interesting to hear how Australia treat their carers, won`t it folks?

Take care
Welcome Mandy and Rosie.Hope you both enjoy your time on the forum.The site itself has a wealth of information so please take a good look round.

You will find a great bunch of people here so pull up a chair,get comfy and let us know more about yourselves if you want.

Rosie,I have been following some of the news articles that have been coming through about the Australian Carers Alliance and how more are getting involved on a political level in Australia.
Do you know much about it.

x x
Welcome from me too Mandy & Rosie... Image

I'm sure you'll find the forum helpful and supportive! Really glad to have you both onboard!

Look forward to your posts

Take care
Maryann x
Thanks everyone!
You're right Rosie, I can see this forum being a great source of comfort for me too. Being a carer can be very isolating - just the knowledge that other people are out there and in the same position is a tonic in itself!
I often get a bit down at this time of year, the dark nights, the thought of Christmas coming - ours is always hard work! I'm sure that's the case of a lot of people in our position.
It's fantastic to 'meet' you all!

If you click on this next link and scroll a lil way down you will find a link for an interview in Australia about your Carers Alliance.Even members here will find it interesting.

http://www.carers.org.au/2007/10/carers ... erage.html
Hi Rosie,

You may find this interesting


Other side of the world but so many similarities.