HI everyone, looking for some soul mates

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I care for my 92 yr old mum. Thankfully I work which I think keeps me sane. Carers come in when I'm away doesn't stop me feeling guilty though grr

I manage pretty well and stay up beat. I've had a mare of a February though, my decree absolute came through (not a bad thing) then I lost my last dog and I'm feeling very isolated.

I thought I'd join this group and hopefully chat to people who know what this is like careing and trying to maintain a life of my own.

I look forward to hearing from anyone

Have a great day everyone
Hi Virginia, welcome to the forum.
Dump the guilt. Is it your fault mum is frail? No.
She is now paying the price for living to be "very elderly" i.e. over 85, and that isn't your fault either.
Feel proud that you are there for mum, proud that you are doing your very best for mum, under the circumstances. After all you are not on the other side of the world are you?
Do you live with mum, or is she in her own home nearby? Is there anything specific wrong with her, can she walk, mentally OK?
Hi Virginia
I'm not sure if I qualify as a soulmate as I'm no longer caring but I recently lost my 91 year old father . I had given up work 5 years earlier to look after him and my dog kept me going through it all, now she is elderly herself so big changes all round. Welcome to CUK- it gave me enormous stregnth along the way.
Hi Virginia
There are several soulmates on here. Many of us find the love and support we get from our pets to be a very big part of our caring lives.
We have 2 cats, one of whom is a dog in disguise.
I care for my 20 something son with anxiety problems and part time for my 95 year old mum who is in residential care Home115 miles away near my brother

So welcome, you'll fit right in. Feel fee to post as much or as little as you like. It's also a safe place to let out all thoserants you couldn't voice in public