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Hi everyone I'm new here - Carers UK Forum

Hi everyone I'm new here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello - I'm caring for my elderly (91 year old) father who is absolutely amazing and who I love to bits.
My partner & I moved in with him about a year ago as he wasn't coping very well (unsurprisingly!) but I'm really worried that it may not have been the right decision as my health is suffering. We are converting a building on-site into an annexe for him but think I may go completely insane before that happens!! Help! Image
Hello (waves),

Im new here too Image
Hello - thanks for your reply. Great to find this site and talk to like minded people. Who are you caring for? Image
Im caring for my girlfriend who suffers from depression.

And yeah, its good to find somewhere to come and share what you going though and get help and advice, oh, and make friends of course Image
Hi Anna,
Welcome , you are in a good crowd of people here. Image
Hi Anna

welcome to the forum Image

I still 'care' for my 88 year old Mum (Alzheimers), although now it's not 24/7 as she has recently moved into a care home. I can totally relate to the 'going insane' comment - think it's generally part of the Carer's lot Image Image
Hi Anna and welcome from me too
I hope you find this site useful

Kat xxx
Hi Anna and welcome Image
Hi Anna
welcome, come and talk i was like you till i found this site, now i can cope so much better, it was so hard for me, i look after my 82 year old Mum she get frustrated that she can't do what she used to, i told her neither can i, i try and hold a part time job down keep the house tidy walk the dog, i could do need a few more hour in the day if any one's got any spare ones, (((( Hugs))))
Hi Anna
I'm new too and have had such a lovely welcome from everyone. I live with my 80 year old mother who has dementia and am also trying to have work done on a house which had become quite rundown. Having house repairs whilst caring for an elderly parent (and juggle a job) is really tough so I'm completely there with the feeling you're going insane! I think the trick is to try and do one thing at a time if you possibly can - don't try to get it all done at once as you'll wear yourself out.

Good luck with all of it - keep us posted! Image
Jo x