Hi everyone - caring role entering a new phase

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm a carer for my 78 year oild mum, who has Parkinson's, a very disabled right hand (her arm is basically metal, like the Terminator's!) and she is Aspergic.

She has been living independently quite well since diagnoised with PD but has had a real slide downhill over Christmas: messing up her meds, losing the ability to tell day from night and so on.

We've been taking it in turns to stay there, ensure she takes her meds etc. A care assessment is in process (!).

I've got MS myself but am doing ok, thank goodness. What I really feel now that I am trying to reach out for my help for mum, is how dire social care is, how people don't/can't get back to you, how fragmented it all is. I knew this at some level but it's not until you're in it with a loved one that you really get it, eh?

Anyway. Hello! ;)
It seems to be a postcode lottery, where whoever shouts loudest gets most I'm afraid.
I suggest that you get the email of the officer who is supposed to be doing something for you or mum. Start a diary/notebook. Make a note of who you speak to, contact details, i.e. phone and email address. Wherever possible, email, so you have evidence, and ask for an email reply so you can show it to your mother/brother/aunt, anyone you can think of!
Then it's easy to share information later, even in a formal complaint to the LA concerned!
Has mum, had a Needs Assessment from Social Services? Does she own her house? Have over £23,000 in savings (yes/no) Very soon she is going to need either a lot more care or residential care, Have you told her GP of her declining condition? Sadly, there is a link between PD and certain types of dementia, I found quite a lot of information when I googled these together. My own grandmother had PD, was fit until her mid 80's but spent the last few years in secure accommodation. Don't bury your head in the sand, you and mum need to agree a plan for the future. Answers to the above questions will help us give you a few ideas.