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Daughter not passing DLA over. - Carers UK Forum

Daughter not passing DLA over.

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Hi folks
Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what, if any, are the legal implications.
In March of this year our daughter moved out of the family home where she had been living since the breakdown of her marriage some 4 yrs ago.
When she moved out she took.her 4 yr old son but has left her 6 yr old autistic daughter with us.
She said she would never be able to cope with both of them.
Not a problem, we are happy to look after our granddaughter.
We have asked our daughter on several occasions to transfer the DLA payment that she receives over to us as we are finding it financially difficult to fund everything that she wants and needs.
Our daughter is refusing to do this.
Does anyone know where we stand legally should we have to start down that route.
Any advice gratefully received.
Thank you.
Hi George ... welcome to the canteen.

As now a kinship carer , short of taking action against your own daughter , I can see no other avenue.

My own recommendation is to seek legal advice ... either from the Carers Uk Advice Team ( Best by email ) and / or the local branch of the CAB.

Links for both follow :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147

( Unknown as whether or not CUK will help a kinship carer ? Some doubt exists following a recent session on the forum with one of CUK's hierachy. It doesn't prevent us from doing what we can ! )


A further link follows ... in your capacity as a kinship carer ... specific links therein :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... p%20carers

I hope the above assists you in this somewhat difficult situation.
Contact DWP as soon as possible. Your daughter is not caring for your grand daughter and has no right to the money. I wonder if she is still claiming Carers Allowance, and possibly Income Support - if she is in receipt of CA she is not required to work, and may be claiming even more benefits as well, based on being a carer with a disabled child!!!!

Contact Social Services so that they know you are caring for your autistic grand daughter, so that they can do a Needs Assessment for her, and a Carers Assessment for you (looking at what your new "family" needs in the way of support.

Are Education also aware. Does she attend a main stream or special school?
This surely is fraud - end of.

It's also despicable, but that, alas, is not illegal. Fraud is.

Cut all communication with your daughter. She deserves nothing from you. The very idea that she took her 'easy' child and left you to cope with the 'difficult' one says it all, doesn't it?

That said, thank heavens your grandchild with autism is with you, not her, as she is hardly likely to be the kind of dedicated mother a special needs child needs.

I would also keep an eye out for how she treats her 'easy' daughter.

Are the children's father/s involved in their care at all?

What was your relationship with your daughter like before she had her children? That could say a lot, too, alas...Did she come to think she could 'sponge' off you all her life? Did she contribute to household expenses when she moved back with you, etc etc?

(one horrid, but grimly true statement is 'we get the children we bring up'....sigh, sigh, sigh)

Where is your daughter living now, and how is that funded? Has she gone back to work, is with another man, living alone, renting, on housing support, etc etc etc?

I guess, to short circuit the authorities and to 'force her hand' you could 'dump' your little grand-daughter on her (ie take her over and simply leave her there). Trouble is, that will probably not be good or happy for your granddaughter...

Also, hate to say this, but if you are on 'bad terms' with her, she can deny you access to your grandson. On the other hand, as I say, it could be that she is going to be an 'unfit mother' (as well as a fraudulent human being) to her daughter, she may well prove to be one for her son as well - so do alert SS/GP etc etc to that possibility (hope not, but she is hardly a shining light, is she!)

Also, you may have to prepare for taking on your grandson as well.... (might be the best for him).

Finally, I would consider whether you should apply to adopt your granddaughter - that way your daughter can't mess you about any more.

I do hope things resolve, and if your daughter had handed over the money you are entitled to, I would feel more sympathy for her, and even allow to an extent that she is justified in being the best mother she can to ONE child (on the grounds that she simpky could not be such a good mother if she had both of them).

Is your granddaughter missing her mum? I do hope not....