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double up carers

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does anybody know of a really good caring group around cheshire that have regular and continuous carers. in 2 months we had a total of 46 carers through are doors! won't mention the name of the care group but we are relient on soc. services getting another group in. this has left me to hoist my husband on my own and i have my own health issues. my husband is bed bound bowel incontinent and catheterised. all next week i have to do the care myself again teatimes and bedtimes. this has become very taxing on myself, my health has deteriorated, have been in tears over the weekend again. don't want to go on antidepressants. its taken years to come to terms with my husbands condition which is rare, i could cope with him, its everything else. thanks
Hello and welcome to the forum, I am sorry to hear you are having problems,
and feel so down, this is a very good forum with lots of information and I am
sure someone will be along soon to help you xxxx
Hi and a warm welcome from me. Continuous carers seem to be very rare. There's plenty of support and advice to be found on here and lots of lovely friendly people.

thank you just somebody out there to hear me helps
Talk away, we may not always have the answers to problems, but we're good listeners and very supportive of each other.

the care company just promised certain times continuity of care and havent kept their promise. my husband has had to have his private bits washed intimately with having a catheter, by 46 different women, one girl being a 17 year old, and he says he doesnt want any more new carers through the doors. i have to go along with this. i wouldn't like 46 male cares seeing let alone washing my privates, as i think most people. its just annoying that care companies can please themselves when social services are involved. i asked one male social worker how would he like being washed by so many and his reply was its irrelevant. i don't think it is but when youve got no money you havent got a say. i am so tired, i have something like 3 hours sleep a night, not just being up with my hubby its my pain as well so i am going to try and get my head down now. thank you
I can understand what you're saying, I'd not be happy at all and I know that I had a similar problem when my Nan was in hospital, she didn't want the young male nurse washing her in private places. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

Talk with social services about the possibility of direct payments. This would mean you could employ your own staff, people of your own choosing.
Rosemary got there before me, do ask about direct payments, in my experience you do get more control over the service provided and this applies even if you are using an agency, because you pay them from the direct payment account yourself they do not know that social services is funding the care and often assume you are paying yourselves so you are more able to specify your requirements in terms of the carers who they send as well as in other ways.
Hello Oggie, and welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry that your circumstances bring you here, but hope that we can help - if not in a practical way, at least making your feelings heard xx
My mother also has had so many Care Workers coming through her door that I'm thinking she must have gone through the whole list of Workers with that company! Image Continuity of care is important in everyone's life- the 'Powers that Be' don't seem to realise that, or really care.
Please, keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on xx