Hi! Caring for mother - my life is on hold.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Well hello!
Don't know what to say really.
I look after my mother, she's 96, had a stroke in February this year, up until then I looked after her for the past 10 years or so but now she only has the use of one arm, can hardly walk, can't communicate very well, has care assistants come in four times a day to toilet her etc. Her quality of life is not too good now, she's been a widow for 33 years. It's an awful thing to say but my life is now on hold until she dies.
Hi Kevin and a warm welcome to the forum. I too can understand what you say, I looked after my Nan after she had strokes.

we all know how you feel , keep posting even if its only to have a moan Image
hello and welcome
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Hi Kevin,

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Looking forward to getting to know you.

Hello Kevin, i too look after my mum. it helps to know that you are not on your own
Hi kevin, I always say the day my mum had her stroke was the day my life wasnt my own!
Thanks for your kind welcome everyone.
Your kind words are very much appreciated.

Nilla - that's a very good way of putting it!
It certainly is kevin, oh for the days I could go and have a coffee with friends, go shopping alone etc etc