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First post! - Carers UK Forum

First post!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Not sure where to start! Image
My mum was my dads carer, until last year, she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in February and died at the end of May, this left me caring for my dad
He is 86 and suffers from slight dementia, eurine incontinance (spelling) and when he gets a UTI he like a wee walk in his PJs!
I work full time and althought dad has a great care package, i find the caring side relentless! Sometimes i get quite down about the position i've found myself in, until last year i never knew a dam thing about Kylie sheets, incontinence pads, NHS laundry service etc! Gawd talk about a learning curb!
When my mum was ill i found the MacMillan forum invalueable, wish i'd found this site earlier!
Might get to know some of you and share experiences along the way,
Hi Susan and a warm welcome to the forum. Lots of support and advice to be found here as well as some good old fashioned giggles.

Welcome to the forums.

Hope you find it usefull, always someone around to listen.

Tracey x
Hi Susan and welcome Image
Hello Susan. Lovely to have you with us here. You are in good company !

You sound like you have a lot on your plate, and working full time too. Caring is often very draining. Yes, even with a good care package it can still feel physically and emotioning very draining on family. Folk here understand all that side of things.


Hi and welcome.Yep,it`s a sharp curve,but i find the Forum a great relaxer.Hope things start to ease up for you. Image Image
Thank you all for the warm welcome!
It can be quite isolating caring eh? I probably feel sorry for myself when my husband and friends who i have to say have been fantastic, say they're not chuming me to my dads! I feel they can leave it, take the time off, not feel obliged to go, which of course they're not obliged, it's just that i can't! I HAVE to go.
Last week got really draining, i wasn't well (cold) therefore not sleeping well, ended up getting a wee bit tired and emotianal come thursday, funny how when your like that the smallest things set you off! Then on flippin friday my dad went walkabout again and ended up being picked up by the police!
Bit better this week, sleeping better so hey ho see what this week brings lol!
Thanks for letting me bend your ear!


Our ears are here for the bending. Thats what we have ears for.

Glad this week sounds a little better for you.

Robert Image
Hi Susan and welcome, Sounds as if you have been through quite a steep learning curve. I too care for an elderly parent (mum), have care-workers visiting three times a day and work full-time. As you say, it is OK on a good day but if you feel slightly under the weather yourself, or something falls between the cracks, the bad days can feel endless. Anyway, do not mean to moan on a welcome message so looking forward to your posts. Anne
Hi Susan,
You have a lot to deal with, they are a great bunch here, welcome to the
Take care
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