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Hi all I'm new too. - Carers UK Forum

Hi all I'm new too.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi All. I'm a newbie on here. I am full time carer to my husband who was diagnosed with vascular dementia two years ago. Some days he seems to going a lot worse and then he'll seem better again. I think sometimes if he is very stressed over something,it could be as simple a the decorator coming or a Dr's appointment. Then when it's all over he'll improve again. I do worry about the future and hope I can continue to care for him myself. we have no help at the moment, but I can manage as things are at the moment. My husband is 78 yrs and I am 69 yrs. I'd love to able to 'talk' to other carers as I do get lonely these days, we hardly get out and my husband sleeps quite a lot during the day. Look forward to hearing from someone else out there.. Ann Mullarkey
Hi Ann and welcome Image
I've put you on a new thread so more members will see you Image
Hi Ann,
Warm welcome, my mum had dementia and slept a lot. I think you will need, some help
coming in soon, consider this. I'm new too. these are good people, they will stop you being lonely. Image
hi anne my mum had demen you will find new frends Image
Hi Ann and welcome
I care for my hubby who has a lot of physical ills. but my dad has vascular dementia. He has good and bad days too. Today was a good one and he was very talkative but other days youre lucky if he says hello.
There are lots of nice people on the forum look forward to speaking again
Hi Ann,

Welcome to the site.

Great place with lots of friendly people here.

I look after my 9 yr old son who has Autism.

Tracey x
welcome aboard Ann.
can I just saay a BIg sorry to all the lovely people who contacted me last year when I joined Carers uk. My husband has been very ill and had four mini-strokes since I joined and what with hospital visiting and Dr's appointments I have'nt really been on line. Things are settling down a bit now, medication adjusted etc. love to you all.
Hello Anne Image

I'm quite sure everyone understands, and will be really pleased to hear from you once again.

I'm really sorry your husband has been so poorly but glad that things are now settling down a bit. That's good to hear. And I hope you are okay. Hope its not been too exhausting for you.

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