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hi all, about to give up work to care for my father - Carers UK Forum

hi all, about to give up work to care for my father

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hi all im about to give up work to look after my father who is suffering from multiple sclerocis and dementia i am here to ask for any advice about how the care system works as this is a whole new area to me. One of my big questions is about benifits as in what i can claim for and my second question is occupational theraphy are coming to inspect his bungalow with a view to asses it for his needs? what can they authorise to be changed and is this means tested oh i should have said that my father is wheelchair bound and will need hoists etc to enable toilet breaks and bath time
your help and advice will be recieved most welcomly no matter who small you may think it is
Hi there Andrew, welcome to the forum. I have moved your post into the new members section and I'm sure others will come along to offer their welcome and advice.

Also, if you go to the main website there are several areas with advice on benefits etc as well as details of the Carers UK Helpline which may also be useful for you.
Bell x
Hi Andrew and welcome Image
As Susie said, have a look on the main site re benefits as what you can claim for depends on your own circumstances.
My oh also has ms and health care ot organised ramps, hoists, handling equipment, wheelchair assessments, beds, mattresses........whatever we need and the ss OT has organised structural changes, care agency etc.
Again, charges, if any, depend on your circumstances re the ss OT.
My first bit of advice is: plan ahead: dont dream of becoming a carer to anyone unless they have written a will and signed a power of attorney. These documents cost pennies to draw up, there is no excuse for avoiding them. There is nothing worse than having to throw good money away trying to gain control of someones finances when they are already too far gone to be able to give meaningful consent. Ditto a good will. A bad will costs a fortune to put right and only benefits the lawyers. And its not fair caring for someone for ten years only to find they have given all their dosh to dogs home, or a long since walked-out but inconveniently still technically married spouse thus leaving you out of the loop: dont laugh, it happens all the time!
Hi Andrew,
Once the practical issues like aids and benefits etc. are sorted, you need to think about your own physical and emotional ability to care long term. Be very careful not to go downhill health wise; to plan time off, either with carers coming into the home, or respite care. Caring can be a very lonely situation, you will probably miss the social interaction of work. Find out if there is a local carers group, you will find lots of support from others going down the road. Try and keep in touch with friends, so that when your caring role is over, you don't feel totally lost. Incidentally, the benefits and care systems can be a bit of a minefield. Some things may be payable to you, some to dad, depending on circumstances. Some things may be provided by Social Services, some by Health. If you have a problem with something ask this forum - there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience to be tapped into, someone is bound to have met the same problem. No point in reinventing the wheel!
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hi Andrew,

Glad you've found the forum and will have lots of experienced people around to ask for advice.

As the others have said above, the Carers UK website has really useful information on many aspects of caring. I think the Practical Help section and the Help With Money section would be a good place to start to get answers to your questions.

Our Adviceline is free and staffed by experts who will also be able to answer your questions - more info and contact details are here: http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... dvice-line

And of course there are lots of lovely people on here to offer help where they can Image

Best wishes,
thank you so much for your replies it means so much to know im not alone
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hello Andrew. Plenty of good advice etc so I shall keep it brief. But I did want to welcome you and to say hello. Its quite something you have embarked upon. I wish you well with it. Sounds like a lot of practical stuff to sort out. Important to get things as suitable as is possible.

Welcome and good luck with everything. No, not alone. Far from it Image