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Hi all

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I have been caring for my wife for the last 11 years. She has wernicke-korsakoff syndrome and i was wondering if there is anyone else with experience of this condition. She is unable to walk and has short term memory loss.It is not strictly a dementia as it is not progressive. Up to a few years ago it was very difficult to find any information and even now if you search you often get the same basic info word for word. Over the years we have seen psychiatrists, CPN's and obviously the GP but in truth they have been nice and meant well but have been of little help because there is nothing that can be done and they have never treated anyone with it. We now just see the GP once a year which in her words is solely to cover them in case something happens and to continue to give a repeat prescription. She takes an anti psychotic drug which seems to be the normal thing to do but is there anything better? I do not think anyone knows but the problem i have is that most of the caring is ok, it is just that it is quite "normal" for there to be little conversation and what there is, is continually repeated. We get to the stage where it is the same thing every few seconds, like asking for a cup of tea, and she gets louder and louder. It is this that i wonder whether anyone has any experience of and if anything helps or any medication is better.
Hi Ghosty and welcome aboard. I've only rarely come across this condition and know very little about it other than its cause and some of the effects. Which is totally useless to you as you'll be well aware of them! Offhand, I don't know if any other carer on these boards is in a similar position to yourself, but if so hopefully they'll make contact either on this thread or by PM.

However, you may want to take a look here, at least for starters: http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/conditions/ ... off1.shtml
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