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Hi all - Carers UK Forum

Hi all

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is Glynis and I care for my husband who has multiple problems. The last few years his short term memory has started to go and he now has PTSD because of this. He's at the stage where he ask me the same questions multiple times a day and likes to know where I am every minute of the day.
Welcome to the forum: its a safe place to meet and talk with other carers in your situation. Please pop in often, you can see new posts using the 'recent topics' tab above. Just one other tip: in order to maintain confidentiality and internet safety, a lot of us choose to use a pseudonym, and you can change your chosen moniker in your chosen Forum Profile.
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum, sensible advice from Scally. :)
Hello Glynis and welcome to the forum :)

Quite a few us are/have been dealing with the repeated question problem - in my case my Mum had Alzheimer's - so we understand the distress it causes to both Carer and Caree.
Hello Glynis and welcome :)
Hi Glynis, welcome to the forum. My son has SLD, especially when he's stressed, or something is broken, he goes into "stuck record player mode". When he was little at least I'd get a break at bedtime, but now he's 35 over 6 foot tall and I ofen fall asleep first. Ever since my children were born, it was a golden rule of the house that when I was in the bathroom I must NOT be disturbed. Is there any sanctuary for you?.
(SLD = severe learning difficulties) We do try not to use initials here because a lot of people are baffled, but I am just as guilty when I shorten Down's Syndrome to DS for example.
Multiple questions ie same repeated over and over is hard. Sometimes I manage to use music (if caree in mood to take it, as a distraction). Same as trailing, it can really get under your skin. However, I have found that however bad a day I have, somehow when a day is good I manage to forget it. I shouldn't but I find reminiscing for the nth time less than welcome, especially if after sleeping most of the day we become awake at bedtime to restart. Just have to keep in your mind that it's the illness and not them really. But when you are at the end of your tether it really doesn't feel much consolation. Apparently, repetition is used when anxious or bored aswell. Trailing-there are times when I think some choice words when I hear my name called yet again. It can be clarification that's needed too. News yesterday when they said ghandi had been assassinated caree said was she killed? I responded she was assassinated. Response: was she killed. Using the word 'beheaded' stopped the process. Most days we have cucumber-without fail 'what is this white thing'-now I go through all on plate in hope that questions can be minimised. Only prob when it's a 'one pot dish' where everything is mixed up. As Bowlingbun found with son, stress also causes it and that can be about something we would not find stressful as a benign medical appt.
Hi Glynis,

S goes through periods of this, usually when anxious (because he is having unpleasant/painful physical symptoms,) so I know how irritating it can become. You start off answering so nicely, till you are gritting your teeth and inside your head screaming, "shut up!"


Ps not a clue why I said thank you to your post, I wonder if I touched the button, whilst scrolling down.