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Hi all..... - Carers UK Forum

Hi all.....

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I`ve been a carer now for the last 6 yrs....looking after someone with mental illness. Have only just found this website! I get so frustrated with the guy I look after when he is experiencing a "psychotic episode", but then I feel SO guilty as I know it isnt his fault. I`ve been on income support for the last few years as I`m a single parent, but am now being pushed by the job centre to go back to work. I`m finding it difficult to manage job seeking AND coping with everything else. Makes me feel quite inadequate. Very lonely too...so many friends/aquaintances disappeared into the sunset over the years. Guess I`m not alone there?
Hi Ladylibra and welcome to the forum.

You're absolutely right that many carers have lost their friends/acquaintances. I'm lucky because although I lost many old friends because of my son, who has autism, I now have many newer friends - all of them carers!
Image Hi, I am guessing there are a lot feeling the same or have felt the same including me, I gave up work in December, Like a lot in here I am a full time carer to Alice my Wife who was diagnosed with leukemia. As charles says you do make other friends, although Guilt is a natural feeling in our situation it will pass.
Hi Ladylibra,

Welcome to the forum.You will find many here who can relate to what you are going through.

A little quieter on weekends but I am sure others will be along soon to welcome you too.In the meantime take a good look round if you have time and just holler if you have any questions.

x x

A big thank you to those who have replied.....although I know I`m not alone...it does feel that way at times, so its nice to hear from others in a similar position.
I`m really not sure that the move towards "care in the community" (for the mentally ill) is such a good idea? I look after Geoff, who`s been having "psychotic episodes" for the last few years, but its always me who notices when he is relapsing, and not the NHS. They just give him drugs, and hope he takes them, then he`s lucky is he sees a CPN or has to attend a clinic for weeks at a time. Then when I notice a problem, it often takes a week or so before anyone sees him. And in his case, he is able to "hold it all together" in the company of authority, and I feel that they think I`m exaggerating..... I find that SO frustrating as early intervention in his case would save so many problems from arising in the first place!!
Welcome Ladylibra.

Paula xx