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hi, im new to this -Carers UK Forum

hi, im new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,
im chris , i live in york and have been a full time carer for my wife for almost two years now.
Ive just started looking around the site in the hope i can get some extra info.
One of the things i didnt realise until a letter came through the post is as a carer our NI doesnt get piad !!! but if i was just knocking around on job seakers it does, what a joke, so now i am supposed to find £300 from my massive carers allowance weekly payment !!
As you can tell..... IM NOT HAPPY, i work 24/7 and harder than i ever did in fulltime employment, some thing here is very wrong... also im 46 years old and have paid into the system all my life as i have never been unemployed... this is where i have gone wrong all those years.
Hi Chris and welcome to the forum.


Try the following link, giving the CUK helpline might be helpful to you.
There's plenty of support and advice to be found here and lots of friendly people. Others will be along soon to say hi and welcome you.

Hello and welcome to the forum Image
thanks for the link... very helpfull
and thanks for the warm welcome
welcome aboard Chris
Hi Chris,

I've been caring for my husband for coming up to 7 years now. I've had a similar letter to the one that you refer to (mine came from hmrc). I think (I'm going back a few years now mind) that it says at the bottom that the letter was sent to "advise you of the shortfall" and it's up to you wether you pay any contributions or not - I know for a fact that a woman can claim from her deceased husband's contributions but I'm not certain where you guys stand on that so I'd definately call carer's uk, your local jobcentre or citizen's advice just to see where the land lies for you in your old age
thanks summer,

citizens advice..... great idea, i will give them a call in the coming week.
ive been in contact with them in the past for other reasons and they are always very helpfull.
Hello Chris Image Looks as if you've found a few tips already Image I hope that you continue to call into our little 'home from home' here in future. Best wishes to you x