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Hi, a newbie - Carers UK Forum

Hi, a newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi All
Just found this site, I am the carer for my wife, who has COPD and vascular demesia, living in cornwall.
Welcome to the Forum Trev. Image
Hi Trevor, welcome to the forum. I have been a carer for 33 years, son brain damaged at birth, but have also supported all 4 elderly parents as they developed age related illnesses. Just my mum left now, lots of physical problems but mentally OK.
Hello and welcome Image Pop into roll call too Trevor, you will find a warm welcome there too. Image
Hi I'm relatively new here too.

As there are two vascular dementia carers would it be okay to ask a question? I'm caring for someone with this too. They are in their 40s and we have good days and bad days but it can be very confusing for me to try and stay a step ahead. Do the other carers sometimes struggle with this?

Also do you find that mobility is affected also? Sorry if I'm being too personal it's just that I get so much conflicting information from some of the professionals I'd rather get the opinion of someone else who is caring for someone with the same condition if this makes sense. Sorry if I'm crossing any lines.
Hi Trevor and welcome, hope you find the forum informative, supportive and fun.

We used to go camping to Cornwall when I was a child, a beautiful place.

Welcome Trevor!
Hi Trevor...Welcome to the forum!!

I too am a carer for my Hubby who has (COPD/EMPHYSEMA) a horrible disease!! Image
Hello Trevor and welcome

Hi and welcome Image