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Hi! - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.


Im new to this forum - just thought i'd introduce myself, Im Lucy..
Currently caring for my mum..dont know what else to say really Image

Has anyone else got a close relative with multiple sclerosis?

Would be good to hear,


L x
Hi Lucy nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Lucy and welcome

You will find lots of support and advice on here and you'll soon find lots of new friends. We are slightly crackers at times, but don't let that put you off Image
I am a carer for my Mum too and I also know about MS as my Dad had it.

Bluebird Image
Welcome, Lucy - I am new myself and just settling in. Hope that you find some support, which I'm sure you will Image
Welcome to the forum Lucy - we're all slightly mad here, just jump in wherever you fancy.

I'm sure that you will find someone you can chat to about your Mum's MS and there's always someone on hand to give advice or a shoulder to cry on (or have a laugh with !). My Mum has alzheimers and this lot have helped to keep me sane over the last few months.
Hi Lucy and welcome.
My OH has ms, feel free to pm me Image
Hi Lucy,

My wife has vascular dementia, and I echo everything that Susieq has said.

Have fun here with us nutters!


thanks forsaying hello back Image

Sometimes I desperately need to be kept sane

Its just me and my mum (and the dog) and sometimes the frustration is overwhelming and you get really angry and annoyed and then I feel guilty because its not her fault and its a horrible disease.

And so on....mental torture, being a carer!

L x
Hello Lucy, welcome to the forum...sure you have already realised what a wonderful forum this is...enjoy! Bell x