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Hi all
I am a carer for my son we live like most people on benefits hand to mouth week to week ,
my problem is where can you get any help for decorating or even doing his room up like wardrobes or new internal doors ,its very depressing mold on the walls in the front room , we don't have the CH on as I can't afford , which is bad as the cold damp air does affect his chest and there is a real draft coming down the stairs as the computer is in the hall so we have blankets on ,
when he was younger there was help if you needed something but not now over the years things have got a lot worse we used to have a car and we would go for days out now the car is old and is scorn sitting on the driveway can't afford the repairs any more .
we live in a council house now a HA I did phone and ask if I got a loan for wallpaper and new doors would they do the work to help maintain our home they said no
Welcome to the forum.

I know how you feel as I am more or less in the same possition.

I don't have any answers but just wanted to welcome you.
Obvious question but are you certain you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and do you have loft and cavity wall insulation which i assume you would get for free. Could try your local freecycle group for wardrobes.
Some areas have schemes to help with household repairs for people on benefits: it's worth checking your local council website.
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welcome to the forum

hello and welcome.
Do you have a Care and Repair team?
Ours will do a very good job for a more than reasonable price, though I should check first that you are getting everythng you are entitled to.
Hi Domoniques, and welcome,
theres nothing worse than living in a damp house. Devon/Cornwall has to be the worst place in the country for mould etc.
There is definately a scheme in south Devon that helps people on benifits to furnish their homes with new/donated furniture. Also a decorating service, at a very marginal cost used to be available. Not sure if that still applies in these depressed times though.
I should do as Charles47 suggests and check your council web site. Maybe Citizens Advise Bureau would be a good starting point.

Good luck, wish I could help you out. Too busy caring these days!!

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Welcome to the forum.
Karen x