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Hi - Carers UK Forum


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Hi everyone,
My name is Carole and I care for my husband who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
In 1998 I took early retirement to care for my mother who had Parkinsons. In June 2001 my huband was diagnosed with SMA and in the August my Mum passed away. His illness is a progressive one so the burden grows with time.
I have been reading many of the posts by the members and along with a few tears I have felt that I am very lucky compared to many others, I suppose it bears out the saying "there's always someone worse off than yourself". The overwelming feeling exploring this site is the knowlege that no one can understand how we manage, how we feel and how we cope unless they have stood in our shoes. Most other people dont want to hear how you are even though they may ask, its just an obligatory politeness.
The hardest thing I find is not being able to have a good moan, My husband feels bad enough about having to watch me struggling along without me adding to his guilt. I have to be the one to keep up morale and keep smiling Image
Another great thing about this site is that members can just pop in and out when they have the time and opportunity. So maybe I will find the time to join in your conversations. Image

Welcome Carole.Just join in wherever you feel comfortable or even start a chat yourself.
Like you said, here is a place where you will find so many others who can understand what you are going through and how you feel.

Look forward to getting to know you
x x
Hi Sundance and welcome Image
You are in exactly the right place if you want to have a good moan, we all do it, gets it off our chests and we feel loads better for it Image Not that we moan ALL the time Image Image
And there is usually someone about whenever you have time to pop in!
Welcome Sundance.

I am sorry to hear about your mother; it must have been diffcult to come to terms with her death,and your husbands diagnosis so close together.
welcome to the forum sundance

Welcome sundance nice to meet you Image
Hi Sundance

Welcome to our forum now yours to.
Please keep posting look forward to seeing more of your posting's.
Image Thank you all so much for your greetings and I hope you all have a good week Image
Good morning Sundance,

Welcome to the Carers UK forum Image

Hi to Alex
We are a lot near to Preston than you so I guess you must have come from this way to be a fan of their footie team