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Hi - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.


Just thought I'd write a quick message to say hello! I'm 23 and I care full-time for my mum who was diagnosed with PLS (motor neurone disease) almost three years ago. Thought by joining I might be able to vent now and then and get advice from people in a similar situation as this is all still quite new to me!
Hi Abigail. Welcome to the forum, where I hope you can find some help and support. I know there have been a few young people on here looking after parents lately, so hopefully some of them will make themselves known.

My situation is that I am 41 and provide support to my Mum and Dad who are both in their late 70s. Dad has been unwell with Huntington's Disease (progressive neurological condition) that has lately got a lot worse to the extent Mum was no longer able to cope, as we think she has dementia. He is currently in hospital awaiting placement in a carehome. And my Mum is awaiting diagnosis for dementia. It has been a tough journey, but I've had lots of help from here and I hope you do to.

Do you get any help with your Mum? And do you get any time off for yourself. My BIG lesson in this journey of caring for others is the need to care for yourself too. I didn't, and went a bit doolally (more so than normal).

Take care.
Hi Abigail, welcome to the forum. I'm very concerned about you, caring for such an illness starting at the age of around 20 is a tough ask. Did anyone ask you? or was it just assumed? Has mum had a Needs Assessment, you a Carers Assessment, from the LA? Are you getting any help and support from anywhere, perhaps from a local hospice?