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Merry Christmas one and all
I have been caring for my wife who has MS now for about 3 years and she is confined to bed and chair. having gone down the road of a motabilty BTW (not easy to sort out) and with my mum coming with us to the shops and never having thought about want if mum wasn't there. Well it happen mum is in hospital and could be for a few months.
So we went shopping as normal, my wife's wheelchair is a Rea Azalea, problem was trolley for wheelchair's doesn't fit. sorry if long winded question.
but has any body else come across this problem?
spoke to Wheelchair services and it seems more of these chairs are becoming more popular so it would make sense for chair designers/trolley designers to talk but that would be to easy.
Hi Clive and welcome Image
My oh has ms and the same wheelchair too. There's just me and him, so I know just what you mean!
Hope your mum is ok.
Merry Christmas!
Hi Clive and welcome to the forum Image

Had similar problems with Mum's chair Image And , yes I agree you would think the designers would get together - but that's too simple Image Our Sainsbury's will allocate a member of staff (if available) to push a trolley if required - might be worth asking next time you go ?
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear mum is in hospital, that's an extra responsibility you don't need. Consider having an updated needs/carer's assessment from Social Services if it starts to get too much.
Hi Clive and welcome Image
Hello Clive and a belated welcome to the forum.

Hope the day has gone well for you.

By the way....great avatar Image

Hi Clive and welcome,

re trolley issue, nothing is ever easy is it?!

Could your wife sit comfortably in and operate a scooter? The bigger supermarkets have them and that would free you up to push the trolley?

Hi all its taken a while to sort myself out my mum passed away at the end of December really quickly and its been hard trying to sort things out. to cap it all Boston Pilgrim hospital have lost my mums wedding ring and her engagement ring so that's being sorted.
Erica and I have had a few problems a couple of months ago she had 5 MS fits due to a UTI which has caused a few more problems but we seem to be getting around it now had catheter removed as kept getting blocked so we are now on pads full time, bit getting used to it but will carry on.
Its a lot different now without mum, having to arrange time so I can get out to shop, when we can Erica comes with me, given up on trolly problems just push the wheelchair and trolly get a few looks. Image but I'm doing all I can to carry on and trying to smile as well its been hard but as said before will carry on. here's just a few words I had penned.

My heart is empty and filled with pain
my sorrow is heavy and my tears turn to rain
the days go by I struggle to understand
I have no answers to the questions at hand
if this could end would anyone care
will carry on but life is so unfair.
Hi Clive, I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's passing that must have been quite a shock. You are obviously going through a difficult time and your post sounds as if you are feeling quite isolated. Please keep popping into this forum and joining in with your posts, although no one can change the situation you're in, you may find - like me - that it helps to know that you're not the only carer struggling. Besides there is a wealth of information within this site and many knowledgeable users who may be able to help you through their own experiences.
Hi Clive, sorry to hear about your mum, we all know it will happen one day, but that doesn't make it any easier. I lost my OH suddenly 8 years ago, he was an essential part of my son's care arrangements, they did all sorts of things together that no one else can do, like taking our vintage lorry loaded with even older steam engine to shows all over the south of england. In time the pain gets easier, but the practical problems seem never ending. Have you tried online shopping? Although I'm sure it's good to get out into the real world now and then, online shopping is great for all the heavy stuff. I used Tesco online when I was housebound for a few weeks. Brilliant service, and the staff were so friendly. Some of them still ask how my knee replacements are doing! If you have a Waitrose near you, ask if one of the staff can help you, I saw this happening in our local branch this week. Have you had an updated assessment for both of you from Social Services? With mum around they might have thought you were managing OK. There might just be other services available for you. Do join us on Roll Call. Someone said recently that we were all a little bit mad, when we were being a bit flippant, but we are all carers, all struggling with our own problems, sharing both good and bad times to make our journeys a little easier.