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New today

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, and glad to be here. I have 2 daughters with autism (one nearly 18 and the other 16) & feel very isolated a lot of the time. I had to give up work a few years back, as I couldn't cope with caring and life in general. I found it very difficult to get carers to help me.
Today the social worker came round as she is doing the transition p/work for my eldest going into adult services. She was really helpful, social services have been the bane of my life for so many years.
I really want and need to start getting out of the house & back into society. Depression has been huge, not so much because of the girls but all the battles to get any help. Indulging in some pretty unhealthy lifestyle habits, which really don't help my mood. I think I've just got 'stuck' in a very vicious circle, and can't seem to get my head together to do anything about it. Anyway...! Glad I've introduced myself, look forward to making lots of contact with others in a similar situation. Thank you x
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Hi Dasha.

Welcome to the site.

My 11 yr old son has Autism..School has been the biggest challange of his life. But thats another story.

Tracey x
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Thanks for replying, it's good to know there is support out there. Stuck at home today, eldest off sick. She is so sweet, but so vulnerable. Need to get out and walk the dog, but can't leave her on her own in the house. Plus have horrible hangover and feel really sick myself! Need to address bad 'coping' methods in the new year.
Hope you are all keeping well & not getting too stressed about Christmas.It does my head in cos its so loaded, and the telly ads don't help. I will stop moaning now and go and curl up with the mutt xx Image
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum. Pop over to Roll Call in members corner, it's our virtual cuppa and a chat place. x x
Will do, thanks, still finding my way around the site. Have managed to get out for a quick walk so feel a bit better than I did earlier x
It's too wet here to do any walking.....well that was my excuse. lol
Hi Dasha and welcome