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Hi from Weardale, Durham. - Carers UK Forum

Hi from Weardale, Durham.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I care for my wife who has cerebellar ataxia caused by Multiple Sclerosis. I have cared for her for the last eighteen years.
I've been a member of Carers UK since it was Carers National Association.
What has prompted me to join the forum is the case of Sharon Coleman.
The argument that a carer should not be disadvantaged by caring was used successfully by us to have the funding of my wife's care needs transferred from the local authority (which levied charges) to the Primary Care Trust (which is free to us).
The case never reached a court and in theory we still owe the local authority £1200.
My wife's care has not altered in any way in the transition.
If anyone is interested in the detailed argument please contact us.
Hi Miles,

Just want to welcome you to the forum.I am sure your knowledge and experience of the above matters will be of great benefit to members here.

Look forward to reading more from you.

Some may find this interesting too

Hi Miles

Welcome to the forum - good to have a such a long standing member joining us! Your case sounds very interesting. I shall pass this on to colleagues at Carers UK.

All the best

Matt Hill
Communications manager
Carers UK
Hi Miles, really interested in your case. I co-ordinate a 2000-strong campaigning network of carers called Equal Partners - we are regularly contacted by carers who are battling the NHS and campaigning on continuing care provision.

Stephen Johnson is an example. He's mounted a huge campaign, and sought legal advice - his website is: http://www.continuingcarecampaign.info/ if you want to take a look. I know he's updated it recently following media interest.

We also interviewed him for Equal Partners - http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... 1178117400

hope thats useful