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I'm Sharms - 22 years old and new to the forum. Although not a carer myself, my husband is caring for his mother who has lung cancer. Recently the level of care she requires has increased fairly dramatically. I help with the cooking, cleaning, shopping and some personal needs stuff. We are finding it difficult at the minute because the health care professionals have not been communicating very clearly with one another. It's a difficult time emotionally as well.


Sharms xx
Hi Sharms,

Just wanted to welcome you to the forum.So much information to be found so please take a look round the main site too.

I have just read your other postings too and hopefully others will be along soon to share their experiences.

x x x


Welcome- it sounds like you are a carer in what you are doing!!!

Hope you find the site helpful.

Thank you both for the warm welcome Image
Hi Sharms.

I agree with the others - welcome to the forum and you sound like a carer to me!!!
A belated welcome from me too Sharms!

Take care
Maryann x
Thanks everyone ! xx
A warm welcome from me too.

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