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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Sezzie,
There is always something to sort out, isn't there?
There is at the moment it is coming at me from all angles. S finishes school this summer and I've spent the last couple of years visiting specialist colleges for him etc He was turned down for two as his asd needs were considered too high/complex. The one where he has been accepted - has changed it's name to a transition service and social services say it is too expensive .... Education will pay for a different placement - but not one that specialises in autism, is close enough to return home at weekends and which offers the type of course he wants .... I'm going off my head with worry and keep meeting brick walls.
Youngest Daughter is suspected to have PDA - which I am learning very fast is a totally different kettle of fish. I love her so much it hurts but I'd say a rollercoaster ride without a safety harness is a lot more predictable in terms of outcome sometimes, lol!
That unpredictability/feels like a roller coaster - is hard to live with isn't it. Feel like you are always running on adrenaline ... probably are. I have little personal experience of PDA ... but it sounds like autism and then some.
We don't have much help either really - OH and I lead very isolated lives. We're trying to change all that now though. Learning to ask for help a bit more too.
This is one of my biggest challenges - the isolation. It happened oh so gradually, crept up on me, that I didn't really notice it happening. S is as desperate for social events as me and keeps looking at the calendar to see who we are seeing etc ... which makes it even worse.
Try not to lose too much of your respite time Melly. It is very easy to eat up all that time but try to keep a few minutes aside for you.
So true and so difficult ... it is the only day I can get things done as S is not in tow, competing with me on the phone etc The only thing I try very hard not to do is to allow other professionals to visit during this sacred time.
How are you today?
Just learnt that S's youth group on a Monday eve is being axed. He has just lost his Tues eve at youth club too because the youth leader who supported him has left and is not being replaced. He now has no evening activities at all .... What 19 year old lad wants to hang out with his Mum every evening. It is really not fair. The young people who attended the youth club and don't have special needs are unaffected ....

Sorry to have off-loaded on you ... hopefully can return the favour, when you need to do the same.

Hi Mand,

yes it does sound like you know where I'm coming from.

Can I ask what support your daughter gets at present and how well or otherwise it works for her and you? The government want us to work .. but seem to have no concept of what happens to our carees ...

How old is your daughter?

Thank you for your welcome, I SO need this forum at the mo.

Hi melly, i will post...not forgotten, but no time at the moment, i'l try and p.msge when ive fathomed it out.....mand
Hi Melly,

Just wanted to say hello and welcome from another West Midlands family Image
Hi Mand - will look out for your pm, when you have time to fathom it out. (oohh I know that feeling!)

Hi Chinarosie
thank you for your welcome. So you are based in the West Midlands too.