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hi audrey i thought that to about crossroads but according to s worker they charge
i think socail worker is getting fed up of me hassling him i have also got carers assoation hassling him to! 10 months doses seem long time to wait or maybe im being naive as not done anything like this before,well my both carer targets pulled blanks so its back to the drawing board my idea is to pay someone privatly until budget comes through,so im gonna check suzzi idea of checking local gov out
hi audrey yes we have both had assesments and are claiming attendace allowance thanks for advice it is appreiated,as for rellies beleive it or not they both work as carers!
Hiya Webby,
Welcome to this great community.
I have hired carers too for an elderly relly who is wandered, but listed the advert as "help needed with housework" or similar at the local rate (which is a pound or so above minimum wage in this fairly poor village), then when you get a suitable candidate you break the news that you need more than just the ironing done, you also need an eye kept on the caree... of course this only works if all the caree needs is keeping an eye on and the helper is street-wise.
whoops have i been away that long! well im back things having being going ok quick update i didnt get any budget to my suprise my mum has aculmilated quite a lot of savings which im not sure is good or bad! so started using private carer who herself is quite ederley and after my last trip i realise she is not really up to it been looking around but fruitless at moment,i did try pendals trust but they wanted to charge me and skirted around the issue to how much so if anyone has any tips please let me know,i have also posted on the other board about a problem ,thanks for reading