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My name is Denise, but everyone calls me Dee. I`m a full-time carer for my husband who has osteo-arthritis, diabetes, and a few other medical problems, the one of the most worrying of which is his capability of forgetting what he`s said/not said/done/not done on quite a few occasions, along with his ability to deny the problem.
He can be very egotistical most of the time, with the whole world revolving around him.
The consequences of which lead to me having a nervous breakdown last year, although after about 8 months of double therapy, CBT, and high dosage anti-depressants (which I am still on), I feel I`m getting back to my old self.
I`ve mentioned to the G.P about my husbands problem, and she`s been very good, trying to help both of us as much as possible, although my husband has put on a good show and so she doesn`t know exactly what she is dealing with as far as he is concerned Image
I`ve since found out that I have a rare blood borne virus (that can at worst case scenario be life threatening, hubby doesn`t know how bad it can be because he would then go around telling everyone that he has this and he has that)
hi denise and welcome. sorry things are so hard for you it seems sometimes that we carry the world on our shoulders but you are not alone . sometimes its good to talk to others out side of the family who share your feelings. hang on in there. gill Image Image Image
Hi Dee and welcome to the forum

Reading between the lines I think you are fearful that your husband is developing dementia, although you don't say how old he is. It's good that you already have your GP onside - all dementia patients are very good at denying and hiding the symptoms especially in the early stages and your GP will be aware of this. (It took me a year to get my Mother formally diagnosed.) But once other conditions are ruled out and dementia is confirmed then there are a number of drugs available that can help to slow it right down and in some cases reverse the effects for a while.
Hi Dee and welcome Image
Hello Dee - and welcome to the Forum...I must say that Dementia was what I suspected also...
I'm sorry that you have the Virus on top of everything else - it never rains, but it pours, eh? It must seem as if for you, there is just one thing after another!
I think that Sue has said it all in her post, but hang on in there; come back and keep in touch, I'm sure others will be along to give you some advice to help you xx
Hi Dee and a warm welcome from me too. I would also suspect dementia.