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Hello :o) New here and caring for 20yr old daughter. -Carers UK Forum

Hello :o) New here and caring for 20yr old daughter.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, I'm so glad I was advised to visit your forum by my GP. I care for my daughter who is 20 and has had mental health issues all her life. It's been so comforting to read that I'm not the only one who struggles, feels guilty and wants to bang their head on the wall out of frustration with Mental Health Services sometimes! My daughter is beautiful, funny, creative and caring as well as challenging and even exhausting sometimes. Anything that will help me to help her is very welcome. If there's any other parents out there with sons or daughters of a similar age and with similar conditions (anxiety, depression, OCD, social phobia, self harm) I'd be glad to hear from you Image) Happy to offer support to other parents anytime Image)
Hi cupcake, and welcome to the struggling, guilty, headbanging carers forum. Image Image Image
Lol! Thank you for the welcome - Feeling better already Image
hello and welcome
Welcome aboard cupcake. With a name like that you will fit right in. We already have a member called Potoftea... Image

Looking forward to reading more from you and learning about your wonderful daughter

x x

Iv not been here long.
My son is 10, he has global delay. He has Autism. He also suffers a lot of anxiety, so we are learning how to manage this when he is very stressed.
Hope to speak to you soon.

Hello Cupcake,
Welcome to the forum. I too have a 20 year old daughter suffering from anorexia and self loathing. I know how you feel. I too get frustrated with the health services. Its so hard when you want to be able to get more help for them. It makes me so mad that all the hard work and effort my daughter has put into getting great results for University only for it to be snatched away by this dreaded eating disorder. Her life is on hold until she can beat it, what a waste!
Take care, and keep battling on.
Hi cupcake and welcome Image
Thanks everyone for all your lovely welcomes Image I feel at home here already and only wish I'd done it sooner! I can't tell you (although I'm sure you all already know!) what a difference it makes knowing there's so much support and kindness out there Image xxx

Anne - I know exactly what you mean about your daughter's life being on hold and it seeming such a waste - i feel like that too. My daughter has tried to hold down several different jobs but had to eventually resign each time to literally save her sanity. She's now just gone on to ESA and feels very sad about that as she desperately wants to get on, but it seems it's just too much for her right now. She's looking into doing some volunteering instead which is great.

It is sad and frustrating at times, i know. Please feel free to write to me if you would like Image