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Hey to everyone :) - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Hey to everyone :)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hiya Rainbow and a warm welcome to the forum.


Hi Image thankyou ,you all seem really lovely Image
Hi Rainbow
I'm so sorry to hear that you have been facing that additional worry as well, you must have been having such a stressful time of it! And I am really glad that it does not sound as bad as feared - I hope the docs can sort out what it is soon. I am looking forward to hearing more from you, but honestly please don't worry about it, just pop into the forum when you can. It does sound as though your situation is more 'full on' than mine, and I hope that it all calms down a bit for you soon!
Hey im looking forward to chatting with you aswell Image , im used to things going wrong for me but its ok the main thing is we try and keep my brothers going ,i feel so alone atm hurting and scared but i know i gotta put my feelings aside for the sake of my brothers ,so mums looking after them for a while ,while i have a good cry in my room , quitely of course .
Growing up was very difficult my parents were amazing but there are things that happened to me by my brother that my parents cant ever know , are your children very old and i find attention seeking wih my brothers is a big issue aswell .
Thankyou to everyone for the welcomes ,im really sorry if ive seemed a bit distant , your all really amazing Image
@ Alison Brooke .... do any of your children play musical instruments , i found with my brothers that music is really good for them and it gives there mind something to really focus on .
Just wanted to send my best wishes to you Image