Hey I am new to this...

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I’m 36 & previously cared for my father before he went into Care and now I am doing the same for my mother. I applied for carers allowance end of August for my Mom and still am waiting for a response... does anyone have any help or advice please...
Hi Ray ... welcome to the canteen ... others will be along to extend their welcomes.

Help / advice ?

To save a tombstone fit for a giant , any specific areas ?

Finances / support / assessments / housing ( If your mother has to go into care as well ... ? ) / grants / benefits and allowances paid to your mother etc. etc.

As an opener , why not check out your current range of benefits against an online benefits calculator :


The conclusions from that will focus you more on the number one priority ... MONIES ... which govern most of the caring essentials ... can you afford them ?
Advice and/or help on how long it will take for my claim; is there any other financial help???
CA from start to finish ?

From reports elsewhere , around 6 weeks appears to be the norm ... as I type.

That assumes your mother is in receipt of Attendance Allowance or the required flavour of PIP ?

Financial help ?

Thankfully , I posted a link to an online benefits calculator earlier.

That will spell out the basics ... including Housing Benefit ( If renting ) / potential Council Tax discounts ... for starters.

Basic £ 80 / 90 per week as a prediction ?

No doubt , questions will follow.

Easier to answer once the questions can be narrowed down.

On many threads ... the answers are easier than the questions ... once we delve down into them.