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help required please

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hi new here and i am full time carer are there any friendly social workers left out there ? or have they all become local council Henchmen / Women
it used to be how can we help, now its how can we make more cuts never mind what you need !!!
I need some advice on how to stand up to these bullies who are causing me so much distress life is hard enough as it is
Start be writing a letter to them, by Recorded Delivery, stating that you are requesting an urgent Needs Assessment for you caree and a Carers Assessment for you. If no reply i two weeks, complain to SS HQ Complaints Officer.
sorry i should have mentioned its got a lot to do with the direct payments scheme we have been on for the last 14 years
Suggest a visit to your GP to make them aware of your situation, and at the same time, give them a copy of the letter you sent to the Social Services, for their records.
thanks but I've recently had a visit from so called social services with someone from direct payments department and had to asked them to leave because i was ready to explode . a couple of weeks later I've received a pile of papers written in such a way it feels like a threat . i really need to speak to somebody on the phone or pref in person to help me through this
You and your caree are each entitled to an advocate under the Care Act. Certainly helped me. What's going on with the Direct Payments?
"it used to be how can we help, now its how can we make more cuts never mind what you need !!! "

Sadly, that is exactly the answer....

SS staff are now 'rewarded' (whether in praise or promotion!) for saving money, hence their 'We Never Willingly Pay Out' attitude.

But there is also the pernicious bureaucratic bossiness at work here - the pettifogging power-nuts who just LOVE to think they are 'officials' and so get to 'give orders' to a subservient population.....totally forgetting that THEY are the public servants and WE are paying their salaries.....

If they perceive a 'class difference' to boot (because they are all middle class graduate professionals!!!!), then it can be even worse.....patronising and know-it-all as well.

'Welfare' is NOT 'charity'. It is a fund to which we have ALL contributed, anyone who's ever done a day's work in their lives pays NI and taxes. We don't have to be 'grateful' to get welfare if we have EVER worked. (And by 'work' I also mean 'unpaid work - eg, caring - that saves the state billions!)
Mike, the Finance Team is very aware that we are not all accountants, but at he end of the day, when one enters into the direct payment arena, one has agreed to keep records of expenditure, and make them available to the Finance Team on request. If they do find irregularities, it's either a case of fraud, or an innocent matter of error, but either way, they will follow it up, and that is what they were doing by paying you a visit.

Those involved in finance, are not the most tactful, and their people skills are somewhat lacking, so I can empathise with how you reacted, but it has made matters worse.

You may not like what I'm about to say, but if you want to take control of the situation, you will need their help. I suggest you contact the Finance Team, via Email and make an appointment to see them, on their turf. Swallow humble pie by apologising for your outburst, then pass the buck over to them by telling them that from this day on, you will prepare your accounts, as instructed by themselves, and in the meantime, can they also guide you as to what they need from you, to put any previous discrepancies to bed. You are also safeguarding yourself by making the initial contact.

Unfortunately, they do have the authority to suspend payments if they suspect foul play, so do keep this in mind. They seem to forget they are working for us, not the other way, so having their egos massaged by us underlings is appreciated, and rewarded. Let them think they're in charge, we know better.
I would never recommend Direct Payments UNLESS someone else, whose cost is included in the total amount of DP's, is doing the paperwork. This worked well for me when managing the ILF money.
When my son changed to DP's, with the demise of the ILF, Social Services told me another agency would perform the same function. However they didn't, and after endless problems, I resigned from managing the DP's. (I used to run a small business and have relevant degree qualiifications, but also have a few health problems not enough time!!)
I suggest you look at the Care Act, there are several options supposedly available, so your caree can still have DP's, but managed by someone else.
If there is a problem with DP's, then was any support and training offered?
Some councils apparently like to lay down strict criteria for what it can and cannot be used for, but that is against the spirit of DP's.
Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, I'm confident they will be able to give you good advice. The phone line is currently not being used, due to volume of work, but if you email them, they will get back to you.
the problem stems from about 7/8 years ago when after contacting a carers centre about some problems, they advised me to contact social services about respite for the person i care for and for myself, when the social worker called i had an advocate from the care centre present. The social worker informed us that "if there were excess funds in the direct payment account it could be used to pay for a holiday respite break" and after assessment i could claim £2000 pounds a year for respite breaks but would have to apply each year for it which i did. our first break was a cruise and we used PART of the respite funds to help pay for it.
when the direct payments finance people called to check the accounts they were as always spot on except they questioned us about using there funds towards part of the cost of the cruise and sent me a bill, i informed them that the social worker told me it was fine to do that and that i had a witness and that i would appeal there decision. which i did and won as it was the only break we were getting. Several years later and a few cruises direct payments inspection same argument same outcome. Several years later till present direct payments inspection same argument same outcome but I'm getting tired arguing with them every time they come round so, with things a lot worse at home i decided to get on to social services for some more help at home and get this respite problem sorted. A bit of background i had to stop work in 1996 to take on my caring roll, the person i care for has Progressive MS and at this stage cannot do anything for herself including eating / drinking / washing and needs 24 / 7 care.
We got assessed for 36 hours when direct payments were started 14 years ago and are still on the same hours now. Whenever the PA's are off i have to cover which has been quite a lot over the years for one reason or another. Ive had two heart operations over the last few years and am waiting for another in the very near future, i also need two new knees and suffer quite badly with them, i ain't no spring chicken no more. The last couple of cruises we have been on we've had to take one of the PA's to help us both and though we couldn't get off the ship due to the walking involved it was a real break for both of us for me no cooking for a week and time to just sit back and recharge, all the equipment we need is supplied everything is accessible with lots to do on board if thats not respite i don't know what is !!!
Now the report they have sent mentions nothing about how we have both deteriorated over the years and the help we need but keeps on going on about cruises as if we are having a ball ( if only ) i would be only to happy to explain this situation in a court
i wish i could contact the lady from the carers centre from years ago she was brilliant and really spoke up for us ( iv'e tried )
ive also got forms they have sent me to sign but I'm scared to sign them as i don't understand them i haven't even read them all it winds me up so they are sitting in the cupboard hence i need help sorry i haven't replied to everyone but not good on computer and takes me ages