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HELP! PLEASE!!!! - Carers UK Forum


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Hello everyone i am new to this site. im 20 years old caring for my dad. i am in college 3 days a week studying health and social care. to become a social worker/carer LEGALLY Image

im finding it hard to pay for everything i dont have carers allowance only JSA.

i have to pay 26.50 a week or 265.00 for 3 months. Image to travel to college i have exhausted my resources i have contacted the council, the college, seetec, jobcenter i cant afford it and its really making me upset. Image Image Image
please help
Hi Gemma, welcome to the forum, give the Carers UK Advice line a call, they should be able to go through your circumstances and see if you are eligable for any more benifits. Sorry no good at links, but its all on the homepage. Image
Hi !

Yes as Paul says, Carers UK Adviceline would be best to check to see if there is anything further you could do regarding income. Hope your studies are going well. Social Work is still an excellent thing to do. Job titles, processes, paperwork and jargon may change. But the needs of vulnerable people are constant.

I wish you well, in all your endevours, Gemma.

Robert Image
Hi Gemma and welcome Image
Hi Gemma,

Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid the benefits system is so complex that good advice tailored to your specific situation can't really be done by forum. I know the advice line is busy but try calling again. If you leave a message with your name it will go into a queue and someone will call you back, usually within 48 hours. Likewise if you send them an email outlining your situation with your phone number someone will call you.

They are only open to take calls Wednesday and Thursday 0808 808 7777 10am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm. (The other days they are doing call backs and answering email) You can email adviceline@carersuk.org

You could also try Carers Direct helpline which has more extensive opening hours
http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/carersli ... pline.aspx

I do know that students aren't usually eligible for Carer's Allowance. It's something that Carers UK thinks is unfair and we have campaigned for years to get this rule changed.

All the best

Hi and welcome.The post above covers the advice.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun and that you manage to get things sorted soon. Image Image Image
Hi Gemma,
It might be worth having a word with your course leader. My college had a Hardship Fund for undergraduates who were struggling financially. I hope there is one for you, we need more good social workers who really care. Alternatively, is there anyone who could approach the Rotary Club (or similar organisation) on your behalf? They would only need to know your general situation I expect, not your name etc. Good luck with your studies.