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Help Needed newly Seperated - Carers UK Forum

Help Needed newly Seperated

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
3 Months ago my wife got up and told me was having an affar and kicked me out right away and moved her new man in

In my new home i have my kids at the weeked and on Thursday if my lad is ill or aholiday and i recieve carers allounce for thisd time i have with my son.

Carers know i only have at the weekends

My wife is wanting to claim carers allowence will this mean i will no longer be able to have carers allounce myself?

I live alone and currently have deression from the break up as well as going through diagnosis for asburgers she recives all benfits like tax credits, child benifit and DLA
Hello, Nick.

I'm sorry but I dont know the answer.

But I wanted to say hello and to say I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Must be hard on you, Nick. Please take care of yourself. I'm sure you are doing the best that you can for your children, but it must be hard and the financial side cannot be easy. Hopefully, someone will drop by soon who can give you some advice.

All the best,

Hello Nick

As far as I know only one person can claim Carers allowance for a caree. I suggest you have a word with Citizen's advice or ring the Carers UK line when it is next open as this is an unusual set of circumstances.

I wish you all the best.
she sounds like a right piece of work,you're better rid of her,did you both agree at the time, that you claimed the carers allowance if so i'd use this as the argument for you to keep it,does the new bloke work or are they both loving it up on benefits,are they just after an extra £58 spending money,have you told tax credits the arrangement with you having the kids at the weekends,surely you should be entitled to a portion of the money to keep them,if she wants to be a bitch it cuts both ways,good luck mate
Thank you for the fast replys

I am going to talk to tax credits on Tuesday when it opens

This all started becase she didnt get a payment she was ment to and it started after i got a form from tax credits even though i never applied for it
just checked on the web,only 1 person can get a claim in for tax credit which seems wrong to me,i think you need a solicitor to sort all this mess out for you,she thinks she can do what she wants and will need a court to tell her different,does the new man work,is she declaring he lives there and other questions need to be asked,is your name off the tax credit claim for example,because if they over pay her you could be liable to pay half back,divorce etc is messy and best left to the professionals.
Hi there Nick and welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry that life is so difficult at the moment and that your marriage has come to an end...its a horrible thing to go through without all the other worries too.

I have moved your post to the New Members forum so others will see it and come along to welcome you and offer their advice too.

Take care,
Bell x
Thank you for you all kinds help and support but she has now changed her mind is allowing me to by sons carer which makes me smile again
This really is hugely complicated, do get legal advice. It's not clear from you listing whether you are going to be caring full or part time for you son. Legally I'm wondering who has the greatest claim to the family home, why she thinks that she can just chuck you out and move boyfriend in? If you have the child with the greatest needs then it might be possible able to argue that you have the greatest claim to the house? I just don't know what the answers will be. Don't delay, the sooner this is all sorted the better it will be for everyone.
i can't help thinking,she thinks she's in charge because you allow her to be,i can understand wanting to keep the peace for the sake of the kids but rules to be set legally,so you can get it sorted once and for all.