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help me

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Dear Wendy,

I do hope you get in touch again. Perhaps it is important to bolster your own health to improve your resilience. Because I am not sure how much capacity you have to action dealing with organisations as I suspect you are already running on empty.

How to do this?
If possible can you book a double appointment with a GP and a nurse to discuss your situation. Perhaps ask for blood tests to ensure you have no physical problem which can be addressed which is hindering you, e.g. I found out a bit late in the day I had an under active thyroid which meant I was starting from a exhausted level at the beginning of each day.
Perhaps ask GP/nurse/Pharmacist if there is anything you can take to reduce anxiety.

Perhaps the GP can action contact with social services to get a Carer’s assessment done- don’t expect too much but they may be able to help with respite and carers.

Simply get a nice countryside greeting s card-stare into the picture-lose yourself and wonder whats over the hill, down the track etc. Do this frequently-even day dreaming your in your favourite place will give some minutes of relaxation.

There is more to suggest, but let’s see if this is of any use to you.
Take care. Tessa

Saw your message. Many of us here have ended up here in a desperate state financially and/or emotionally. Things CAN get better. I am living proof of that. Lots of good advice already. Please get in touch.

Please know there are lots of kind people here who have your best interests at heart and will do all they can to help you through this. Above all, we understand.