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Forced discharges by social services - Carers UK Forum

Forced discharges by social services

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I have a friend. Her husband has dementia, he might wonders making life fairly unbearable for her. It got so bad for her it made her extremely ill and she was hospitalised herself and they had to take her husband into care. Social services are now trying to return him home. She is still not right and doctor has put her on anti-depressants.

My question is can social services force her to take him
Back home. How does she fight it and what are her rights. I read a lot but mostly seems to relate to a patient being discharged from
Hospital by hospital staff not being discharge from a care home by social services. Please help she has her best interest meeting in Tuesday whereby she usually gets bullied by social services
Start by Googling "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment".
Found this on the "Frequently Asked Legal Questions" section of the Alzheimer's website:

"Social services must be satisfied that any vulnerable adult is living in an environment in which they can be adequately cared for. If the main carer says that they can no longer care, no pressure should be put on them to change their mind."

Could your friend get a statement from her GP stating that she's not able to care - and perhaps she could take a friend/relative with her to the best interest meeting as moral support (and also to take copious notes of what is said!)?
I would also suggest that she takes someone strong minded with her, perhaps even a solicitor, or maybe citizen's advice would help? She has to keep saying 'no', but I can understand how hard that would be what with 'persuasion' from SS and her own feeling that she 'ought' to look after him. Has she a friend or family member who would fit the bill?
I may be wrong on this point, but I don't think any adult is responsible for another adult legally. I think the local authority is though.
Yes, no one can be forced to care, but my mum's LA did everything possible to force me to care for her, just after I'd had major life saving surgery! Be tough, really tough.
Taking someone with you is a very good idea. I've done this many times, explaining that I can do most of the talking if they can write things down, and back me up if necessary. Several times, one thing has been said at the meeting, but the LA has written something completely different on their minutes!
Thank you all for help and advice very appreciated. I am seeing her to tomorrow. Hopefully this will offer some reassurance
Good luck. Let us know how things go.
Just a thought, but your friend could always tell them that IF they discharge him home, SHE is moving out - could she possibly stay with you for a while?

She has to make it clear she will NOT be 'available' for any more care of her husband.....