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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thanks for all your kind words. My mum is 69 she had a mini stroke about 4 years ago. She is a lot worse today. she doesn't only see my dad and myself but is seeing a lot of other people now and doesn't know ho they are. Tonight she was seeing a child with an alligator by my car. Its really difficult and my mum doesn't want anyone from the social services coming there and doesn't want me to tell anyone about her seeing things. I just feel so lost today normally she comes back to reality but today she is just like a space cake
Image right now i feel so sad that i cant go on anymore. I just want to make my mum better and i cant, hate seeing her like this
Hi Christine

I can relate to how you are feeling - my Mum has Alzheimer's and has just started to deteriorate again after being on a, relatively, even keel for some months. This week she's quite determined that I am her sister amongst other things !

Regardless of her not wanting you to tell or involve other people - I do think that you should speak to her GP. It's possible that she may have had another mini stroke or that she has an urine infection which can commonly cause confusion in older people.

You can also request a Carer's Assessment for yourself to highlight help and support that you need to continue caring for your Mum.
Hi Christine,

I'm sorry you're having such a sad time. I do agree with Susieq (having worked with patient's with Alzheimer's), you do need to see a doctor who may be able to put yours and your mum's minds at rest! It could well be a urinary tract infection because that can make people very confused. And you would both feel better if you knew what you were dealing with. Could you arrange a home visit for your mum with you there? She may find it less like a proper consultation if it's held in a familiar, safe envirnoment.

Look after yourself. ((((((HUGS)))))
Thankyou, am seeing the doctor tomorrow
Hello Chris, this is just to keep in touch and to say that I hope the doctor can help in some way. It's horrid when a parent changes so much in front of their grown children's eyes. As others have said, it could be a UTI - (urinary tract infection) in which case she will need to see a doctor, or the district nurse.
Please, when you're feeling sad, or even when you're not, don't hesitate to come into the forum - the door is always open. You'll be amongst people who can empathise with you.
(((((hugs for you )))))
Am feeling very low today, went to the doctors all he did was change the tablets she is on. I am starting to get very angry and annoyed with he for the ay she is and then i am feelig so bad and guilty and hating myself for feeling this way, i know she cannot help it but i just cant cope anymore, just seeong the way she has gone, it scares me i just want my mum back, i know that is not possible but i just cant cope with the way she is, she is also wetting herself and i am finding that very har to deal with, she is on oxbutin patches for this but it still happens
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the hard thing is that when my dad was alive there were lots of visitors now there is no one there for my mum, only me
Mymum tonight asked is could squash in on the settee next to me, there was plenty of room but she oviously saw someone else sitting there aswell. There was no one there. I am just starting to get very snappy ad angry with her, its not her fauly i know but just feel so guilty about being like that with her
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I am finding it very life to want to go on with life, i just cant take seeing my mum the way she is now cant cope and feeling guilty about feeling this way