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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Dad was taken into hospital in Sunday. Hes very weak and has infection and today he has given up. He wants no treatment. The dr has said he has days left or because of his heart problems he could go suddenly any time.

The dr suggested a care home to him today and said that he may need to sell his home to pay for it.

I'm going over to visit tomorrow and unsure now what to do. I just want him home if he has days left. I live with him anyway.

Why is no one helping us get him referred to anyone to help. Hes just more or less said bye to everyone today.
Tell the doctor to make a FAST TRACK referral for NHS Continuing Healthcare. All the help you need to care for him should be provided within 48 hours.
FAST TRACK referral for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... read-35998

Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

My Dad was in hospital and we knew he was near the end 8 weeks ago. You need to ask to see someone from the 'integrated discharge team' as soon as possible and they will arrange to get your Dad to the most comfortable place for his needs. Also ask to speak to the 'palliative care team'.
I think your Dad should qualify for something called 'NHS Continuing Healthcare' now if he has less than 6 weeks to live. The hospital were very good with my Dad and found him a bed in a nursing home very near to me, it was all arranged by the hospital and paid for by the NHS.
If you want your Dad to come home then the 'palliative care team' should arrange what he will need and arrange for nurses to come in to give him pain relief and check on him. The nursing home where my Dad spent his last 5 days was brilliant. They kept him clean, comfortable and re-positioned him. There was one of us with him all the time day and night and the nursing home was happy for us to come and go.

Good luck with it all in this sad time xx
Will he qualify for continuing healthcare in back home if he owns the property?
Hi Linda,

I forgot to add as the other 2 posters have said that you need to ask the Dr to make a 48hr 'Fast Track' CHC decision. It can all happen very quickly and in my experience I think that even some of the Dr's are unsure of the procedure.
Yes .... if granted , all care is FREE ... as fully detailed in the main CHC / NHS CONTINUING HEALTHCARE thread.

Care at home is possible ... see POINTON ... under the main thread.
Hi Linda,

Yes, it is nothing to do with assets at this stage. He needs 'healthcare' so the NHS should pay for it to make sure his time is comfortable.
I know that this will upset you, for which I apologise, but now you need to put on your "organiser" hat.

It has been my sad duty to deal with 6 deaths in the family. If you need to know anything at all, please ask your forum friends, we are here to support you through the next few weeks, and months. Just ask.

My Mum in Law died without FIL arranging anything even when MIL was in a coma after a stroke. My husband died suddenly at the age of 58.
Don't bury your head in the sand.
Have a little notebook to write down things you need to do, as your brain and memory are going to be in turmoil. Write down the names of every doctor, etc. etc. who you speak to, address, phone number. Date, time, and what was agreed.
Now is the time to look at funeral directors. Talk to them, explain the situation, and ask them to take over when they are needed. I asked them to tell me what to do, and they were wonderful. You will be paying for their services.
It's horrible to even think about, but a hundred times worse to find you need one immediately and you don't know who to use. Prices vary quite a lot.
Do you know if your dad has any savings? If so, you don't need to worry about how to pay the funeral directors bill.
When you have been invoiced, just give it to dad's bank and they will pay it directly. You don't need to have probate granted to do this.
Thank you all for your help. My dad has decided to have no more life prolonging treatments so all he is having is pain relief as and when needed.

We had meeting with dr yesterday about where he wishes to go and he really wants to just come home for his last days. I have said I am there to care for him but we need help so we are just waiting to discuss what his needs are.

Visited him today and hes started needing more morphine. Fingers crossed we can get him home if only for a short time. He has chest infection and his heart is struggling now too.