Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi , my with a rare disease , I am his carer . He is 65 and I am 74 .
It was never explained to us properly what a fixed term mortgage was . The mortgage company told us time after time that when he gets to 65 we will just be moved to another mortgage , vulnerable persons .
Now we have till september to lose our home . Its killing him , and all of us . We've been here since 1995 , rent then mortgage in 2004 .
They are being horrible , we have pets here ,help please . Our youngest daughter and her partner with their 4 young children live with us , the children don't know . They say the bailiffs will be in . Please I have heart problems , please some one husband is disabled
Hi Cyndi ... welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

( Mortgages : vulnerable persons ... Council of Mortgage Lenders for background : ... customers/ )

Plenty on your problem over the past few months out there ... what to do when a fixed mortgage comes to it's end and
circumstances have changed leaving the mortagee in limbo ... as the computer now says NO !

Suffice to say , reports indicate upto 3 million may be affected.

If you can provide fuller details ... either on this thread or ... if you prefer , pm me ... I will point you in the right direction
for outside help.

( CAB / SHELTER / AGE UK / specialist lenders / other options. )

All sorts of other considerations arise here ... I'll just concentrate on trying to keep the roof above your head.

( Just one ... possibility of equitable interests arising ... one for those outside experts to take into account. )

That's the MAIN priority ... by a short head ?

Removing anyone from a place of residence is a pretty drawn out process which involves going through the courts, there are many steps before reaching the point of actual eviction from the property and often is the case deception and intimidation tactics comes into play (on the part of both the lender, and bailiffs acting on their behalf)

This is one for the professionals,

If your home insurance policy (such as Prudential) happens to have legal cover included in it, they would be worth giving a ring to see if this is something covered by them

I would also want to contact Citizens Advice who aside from helping with the problem itself (it is urgent) would also give you information on contingency plans (should the worst happen) ... e-arrears/

You really do need people that specialise in this area helping with it, we can draw on our own experiences but by large we talk about circumstances/problems surrounding care (that is not to say we wont help as this situation is just terrible to read)

If you have access to a social worker (due to your husbands ill health) they might also be worth getting in touch with.
I know this is not your main concern right this moment, but if you are not getting help with caring for your husband you have come to the right place for information with that as well.

If you are in fact being threatened with the use of, or by bailiffs themselves they would do well to remember there are laws involving how they handle customers with disabled persons or children in the home.

They should not even be involved at this early stage I believe this to be a scare tactic.

Absolutely disgusting way to treat anyone let alone a pensioner, anyone else that can help this lady's family and add to this please do! Nobody should be put under so much worry, my heart goes out to you.

Best wishes