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Maybe I don't belong ?

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Hi I have recently just kind of stumbled into this forum . About a week ago my mum fell and fractured her right hip and left shoulder. She has been discharged from hospital today back to a terraced house. So my dad ( who is disabled ) and myself have sorted out a bed downstairs etc. The hospital has kept me completely in the dark and while I expect her to make a good recovery I could just use some help and advice.I have helped look after my dad for ages and with managing her diabetes but I am feeling very overwhelmed tonight.
I'm dismayed that the hospital sent mum home without explaining anything to you. It counts as an "unsafe discharge". Ring the hospital tomorrow, ask the speak to the Chief Executive's office, and ask him how this happened, why they didn't follow the long agreed procedures.
Mum is entitled to 6 weeks free Reablement Care which the hospital should have arranged before discharge. The Occupational Therapist should have visited the home to see what was needed.
Has she been provided with a raised toilet seat, or any other aids. I guess she's pretty immobile having done in her shoulder and hip together.
Luckily we still had everything from my dad's hip replacement as I bought it rather than returning it as they both have bad joints and it was making life easier. We have a commode for the moment as the bathroom is upstairs.
NHS discharge procedures ?

The BIBLE ... both for the hospital and the patient / carer :

https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-se ... -hospital/

Have a read ... ponder ... and then let us know if the discharge was " By the book. "

Your first posting suggested that said discharge was anything but ?