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i have a 15 year old daughter with severe autism. We are at breaking point as a family and i feel i just cant cope anymore. The past 5/6 months have been particulaly testing for us. We have behaviour support, home support, cahms and a disability social workers involved with us. I feel like we are losing control of the situation and fear we may lose her in the not to distant future. My daughter has no speech and can be violent. She is very strong and needs at least 3 people with her at all times. we cannot go out as a family and our 2 other children miss out a lot. The problems we are going through at the moment range from masturbation in public to trying to jump out of a moving car. We have help for my daughter...home support take her out twice a week but i feel like i want to give up, walk away and never look back. I love my daughter immensly but when you spend 15 years loving and caring for someone who never once cuddles you or says they love you is extremely hard. She is very dissmisive of me and her father, its like she looks straight through us every time she is with us. She lives in her room when shes not at school. I think ive got through my reserve energy now and theres nothing left in me
Welcome to the forum. I see you posted in the night, you must be so stressed. I cant offer any words of advice on autism but Im sure someone who can will respond to you.
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum. ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
Hi Elaine.

Welocme to the forums.

What a tough situation to be in and a sad one too. I dont have any advice, as although my son has Autism, and complex needs, Hes only 10 plus its managable. ( not severe ).

Im sure there are a couple of others on this site that may be able to offer advice/ support.

((( hugs ))) xx
Hi Elaine and welcome.
Sorry I don't have any advice, but sometimes a place to let off steam helps.
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find some assistance here. Image
Hi Elaine, welcome to the forum, had to think long and hard about your post. We have cared for our daughter for 22+ years, and had the same thoughts as you. there are no easy answers i am afraid, you cope and get through or you don't.
It doesn't matter how much help you have or don't have, it's all down to how much you can take and then come back from.
We do not go out, i do the shopping alone, and we never go out with friends etc, our daughter goes into rages, which can last 10 minutes to several days. Nothing makes her calm down, we just have to leave her to work it out of her system. we like you have no control over the situation, we just dig deep, pick ourselves up and carry on, an awful lot of us feel like walking away, it's a natural reaction.Our daughter has no speech or communication skills, we like you have never had her say she loves us or hug us. It's very hard, and i can offer no usefull information as to how you can deal with it, except if you need to talk, then we are here, need to rant, no problem, we listen and we do not judge, many people on this forum will understand only to well what you are going through. Only you know if you have the strength to carry on, the good people on here will support you no matter what you do, pm me if you need to talk, can't promise i have the answers, but can promise to listen. Take care.
Dear Elaine,

I imagine the impact on you is devastating and the needs of you ALL, espeacially your other children need to be considered within any plans and choices. You need to be clear on all your options and the support,if any, available. If you aren't then please contact the Social Worker and INSIST on a meeting with them. Tell them you are a breaking point. Go see your GP and tell them the same.

Try and take some time for you - easier said than done but it is imperative.

There are no easy answers...I send you much love.