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Hello to you all - Carers UK Forum

Hello to you all

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone.
My name is Helen and I have been looking at the forum for a while and wanted to join but just this morning I received my letter to say my claim for Carers Allowance has been successful, so I thought it's time to join and set up my direct debit too.
After 6 months of letters back and forwards I looked at this letter this morning and was so happy to get the money and then burst into tears to see it in writing because I never thought I would be a full time Carer to my husband at 54. I think everything just came to a head today after trying to not feel sorry for myself and stay strong but you realise you need to be able to chat with people who understand but maybe I might have something to offer someone else on this forum too.
Well a bit about me...I care for my Husband Adrian who has Primary Progressive Multiple Schlerosis. It has been a tough road all the way as he gets worse and all the changes of moving to Norfolk to this bungalow 6 months ago and now we are all wheelchair friendly.You realise life is short and priorities change and how important friends and family become and I have even become a volunteer locally for disabled events and help out in my local Mobility 2000 shop...pretty much just chatting with people and offering some advice on products and so many say to me that must be depressing hearing other people's problems, but totally the opposite and sometimes I am tearful or laughing but we make a difference to people's lives and that is priceless to see them smile and sometimes they cry and come back often to chat and have met such strong funny characters..my favourite place to be now. I only started to help Michael with his paperwork and now me and Adrian pop in often too to buy and chat.
There is part of my life now that makes me feel everything is unfair and I have had my eyes opened regarding wheelchair users and so many become invisible to able bodied people and shocks me at the rudeness of so many.I spent many hours in the chair to see how it is and can see what Adrian and others go through each day.I get bad days and have a little cry because it does help
I have realised I am becoming a nicer person and more understanding of other people's illness and no longer judging people as been proved wrong so many times now.
I am still in my L plate stage of wheelchair pushing and banging poor Adrian and blimey it's hard to actually do it and little slopes become hills..If I hear someone say one more time how fit this will keep me...I must be doing it wrong because I was fitter before and thinner, although evening comfort eating may be to blame and my new diet might help :o
Anyways take care and hope to meet some nice people here.
Oops says I joined in June, I thought I was just getting emails but must have been a registered bit I did :blush:
Hi Helen welcome to the forum i care for my hubby who was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia at 58 and like you never believed in a million years our lives would come to this its a long hard road but a learning curve along the way i hope you get out the forum what i have lots of good advice and just knowing there is someone there :) Take Care xx
Hello Helen and welcome to the forum :)

Sounds like you've got everything under control :) but if there's anything you'd like advice on don't hesitate to ask - someone will have been there before and have an answer ! We're a friendly group and I promise we don't bite :) but If you sometimes need a bit of a 'rant' then here's the place to do it.

One little thing I would perhaps suggest is changing your username - I'm presuming that your username is your real full name ? If that is the case you might want to consider changing it to a pseudonym. Although some parts of the forum are private and can only be viewed forum members, other parts are open to casual browsers.

Please take a little time to wander round the various parts of the forum - it you get 'lost' don't worry just click on the Index tab to get you back to the main forum index. You can also private message me about any techie type questions you might have by clicking twice on the 'contact' icon under my name in the right hand panel.