Hi bowlingbun,

I get what you're saying and agree with you, we shouldn't feel limited to just doing the same thing for the rest of our lives if we wish to pursue our own personal goals. Being a carer doesn't mean that is all you can do or be for the rest of your life, I will personally admit that sometimes caring for someone long term can isolate you, making you feel trapped and locked into a constant cycle. A fresh challenge or new personal goal can open you're eyes to a multitude of possibilities, If you want to follow your dreams you shouldn't let it hold you back.

After reading all your comments and advice I have been thinking more about myself and my future, something i used to just think about and then toss to the side as just a flippant idea and get on with things.
Seeing as seem to have the idea background already, I am currently thinking about starting a variety of courses in the future. The first few i was thinking was first aid and dementia, as practical skill's i could put into effect if the need arose. After that i was thinking about going on to focus on health & social care and doing some nvq's to get a solid background on paper behind me too. I will already have the relevant training required to back me up if i wished to change role and take on a more demanding challenges like nursing, renal nurse, cancer nurse or something along those lines.

Thank you all for the advice and helping open my eyes to other possibilities.