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work focused Interview?

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Hi, I am a full time carer for partner and a few weeks ago attended job center to claim Income support top up,and was asked about qualifications/Job interest/ect,and said she would call me again in around two months.I have now recieved a letter saying that I have to attend a work focused Interview which could last up to hour and a half. I was under the impression that as a full time carer I should only go at the start of a claim, It would not be possible at the moment thinking of work,as i care full time,any advice would be appreciated,many thanks,Jayne
Hi Jayne
Just wanted to let you know that your post wasn't being ignored but it could be that anyone who knows the answer hasn't read it yet. I'm afraid I'm one who doesn't know! However if you e-mail your question to the help here someone will reply with some advice.
I'd ring and ask the job centre manager why you are being called again when they already know you are a FULL TIME carer.
Thanks for the replies,I will call there next week for my appointment,and make it clear that due to my on going role as a full time carerI ,It is not right to expect me to catch bus there/back and sit there for anything up to an hour,when I am in no position to go back to work at present,I dont understand work focused interviews? I have enough work to do, being a full time carer! Thanks Jayne.
I am claiming carers and income support. Just had my work focused interview. I get one every 3 years. My workcoach said I would probably never get another work focused interview as I would be moved onto universal credit and they don't do work focused interviews on universal credit for carers.
Ancient thread, but interesting last comment.
Very interesting, especially as they're not supposed to interview you on Carers Allowance either unless you request it.

Anyway, due to the extreme age of the topic, it's now locked.