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Caring for Dad and respite question - Carers UK Forum

Caring for Dad and respite question

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Hello All, I'm new to this site so I'll tell you about us. My Dad's 96 and is living with me and my hubby. He has mild dementia and is quite happy being with us. He can manage going upstairs to his bedroom and is physically very well. I'm planning to take a holiday this Sept with hubby and wanted to ask if anyone has had experience of trying to obtain funding from their local authority towards paying for their relative to go into a care home while we are away. We haven't had a holiday for 2 years and I am a full time carer for Dad. I've emailed my local authority posing the question but wondered how other carers have coped. Looking forward to receiving some feedback............thank you! Image
Hi Jane, I have no experience of respite care, but I'm sure there will be plenty soon.

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Hi Jane,

Welcome to the forum,

Can`t help unfortunately, sure there`ll be lots of people along soon to help.

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Hi Jane

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My 88 year old Mum (moderate to severe Alzheimer's) has recently been in respite care whilst I had my first week off in 4 years - unfortunately I can't answer your question as we are self funding (Mum has savings over the threshold of £23,500 so we aren't entitled to any financial help from our local authority). But I would have thought your local CAB or your local Carers Centre should be able to answer your query.
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Sorry, I don't know either as I've never had respite.
Many thanks to everyone for your supportive messages. I have since received information back from my local council and although we don't qualify for funding for Dad to go into a home for respite due to his savings/income, they say I can apply for a Carer's Grant. The council have sent me forms to submit, so that's my next step and I hope will have a positive outcome. Best wishes to all.
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