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new member care for my daughter and mother - Carers UK Forum

new member care for my daughter and mother

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Hello my name's Liz and I care for my youngest daughter who is autistic she is 8 years old. Also look after my mum who had a stroke 3 and a half years ago she is 80 she also ahs the onset of demetia and my stepdad died in May of this year of motor neurone disease so 2011 hasn't been the best year. Image
You havent had a good year at all have you , now you have joined the crazy forum , I am sure we will bring a smile back to your face , welcome to the forum some more will post soon , so here is some Image Image Image Image to be getting on with Image
Not a good year at all Image Welcome to the forum, Liz
And a warm welcome to the forum from me.
Hi today had a difficult afternoon with my mum she called me a few rather unpleasent names, she got confused it is almost Xmas I know she can't help her forgetfulness but sometimes it can a bit too much her lunchtime carer (from agency) didn't show up obviously snowed under with work etc I did mum's lunch which I didn't mind but the complaints of it's too salty this looks awful and I don't like it makes you feel deflated. Gave mum her lunctime meds as well have I taken my tablets yes mum you have . Then she was saying to me did Ed sleep her last night that's mum late husband who died nearly 7 months ago! No mum Ed passed away nearly 7 months ago when I said that to her she was saying no it was only last week. Do I sound awful? Would like some feedback from anyone in a similar situation? My stepdad nearly 7 months ago of MND.

Merry Xmas.

No Liz, you don't sound awful at all, there are others on the forum who have gone through and are going through similar. Sending hugs.

Definitely not awful, this is a difficult time for you having lost loved ones. I hope you find some time for yourself at some point during the festive season.

Just a thought, have you got a photo album or memory book for your Mum? Was thinking you could compile some photos in a simple way where your Mum could see the person when they were young, middle aged etc etc doesn't have to be that many and then chose another person etc etc. Have no experience of dementia but thought it might be a good idea, would also provide a visual as you explain the person's passing.