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hello, new here too.... -Carers UK Forum

hello, new here too....

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone i'm new here as well. I care for my mum who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
For the past 19 months she has been having blood transfusions, every 4 weeks. Now it's every week, because
she is anaemic, and when her blood count drops dangerously low, she is unable to do much for herself, when
I am not there.
We have had an appointment with a doctor from St Wilfreds hospice, and he will make a decision as to whether,
or not my mum will benefit from attending St Wilfreds, very soon!

I didn't see myself as a carer until, someone pointed it out to me. I just saw myself as her daughter, looking
after her the best way I know how!

Does anyone else on here care for someone, who has cancer?

Kind regards
Hello Brenda and welcome to the forum :)

I've split your post from the topic where you posted and given you your own separate topic so that more members will "see" you and be along to welcome you to our forum family :)

There are quite a few members who are caring/have cared for someone with cancer and I'm sure they'll be along soon; but no matter who we care for or what our carees disability is we all have similar problems and similar caring issues. Please feel free to ask any questions - someone will probably have an answer or experience that they can share :)
Hi Brenda,

I care for both my mum, and to a lesser extent (so far) for my daughter who has stage 4 breast cancer.
The last 6 months my daughters health has not been so good, and I'm struggling to support both of them. X
Hi Miss Bee,

Thank you for responding to my post. I have so much admiration for you!!! You must be a very strong person,
to care for two people!!!

I recently read on this website that us carers should have a plan. So that the people we care for get looked,
after in case we are taken ill. I was wondering do you or any other, of the carers on here have such a plan?
Does anyone know who I should approach, to set up an emergency plan, for my mum and myself?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Hi Brenda

If you don't already have Adult Social Services involved then it would be a good idea to arrange for a Needs Assessment for your Mum and a Carers Assessment for yourself - they should be conducted separately and are designed to ascertain what help/support can be provided for both of you. ~At the same time they can draw up an emergency plan should you be incapacitated. A lot of Local Authorities will issue a small card that you can carry in your handbag that gives basic details of who to contact should you have an accident to ensure that they are aware that Mum may need assistance. If yours doesn't offer this service then it's a good idea for you to have an ICE contact listed in your mobile phone (ICE = In Case of Emergency) - someone to be contacted who you know could check on Mum in an emergency - perhaps a friend or relative ?

As your Mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer I presume that her Oncologist has put you in touch with either the McMillan Nurses team or the Marie Curie Nurses team ? Both will be able to advise you on setting up a plan if you get nowhere with Social Services (although they should be your first port of call).
Hiya Brenda,

Well, I don't know about brave. I just try and deal with what life has dished out to me (feel myself and my daughter have got a rough deal though!)
I've not thought of a back up plan, to be honest - we sometimes barely cope as it is - hospital appointments with my daughter, having to be at my mums to try and manage her care. That, plus keeping on top of paperwork etc. Exhausting, isn't it? :huh: