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Hello im new - Carers UK Forum

Hello im new

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
i come across this site while googling to see if there was any carer forums about Image

i will give u a brief intro if thats possible about me and my family.
im 26 (27 in a months time) and i have 3 beautiful children, Holly my eldest is 6 years old, My 2nd child is Matthew who is 4 and who brings me here, and my Youngest Samuel is 8 months old we all live in essex with my dp Jon and have been together 8 years

Matthew has ALOT of on going medical problems, hes been in and out of hospital since he was born, either being ill or having numerous tests. we 1st applied for DLA when he was 2 years old, was very shocked that he got awarded it 1st time as i know alot of parents esp have problems on this part, he gets higher rate care, and i get carers allowance for him.

alot of poeple including parents do not realise that having a child with extra needs is so hard, ive heard so many comments over the years that hes a child, u should be expected to care for them, which is true but to do the things we have had to deal with no.

Matthew is under our local hospital and also Great Ormond street, now i know to some his problems may not seem that bad compared to what some people have to deal with but everyday is a huge battle. Matthew main diagnosis at the moment are, Acute asthma, Gastro reflux, Central sleep Apnoea, Central hypervenatilation, Hypnoeas and periodic breathing, Food allergis to Dairy and Soya, Allergies (to which we r unsure), Hayfever, suspected inflammed bowel disease (which we r waiting the results of), swallowing problems, Sensory issues, behaviour and concnetration problems, we r currently awaiting an app to see the community paedatrition to have him assessed.weve been told its along the lines of ADHD/ASPERGERS and has austic traits.
hes on 3 meds for his asthma, 2 for reflux, anti histimine for his allergies, a no dairy and soya diet.
hes under the local paed for a general check up, and then great ormond street he sees Gastroentrologist and Respiatory speclist.
hes had numerous tests over the years and illnesses which has meant alot of time in hospital at one point he spent more time in hospital than at home.
its physcially,emotionally and mentally draining. we dont understand his behaviour and why he does the things he does, im alot more clued up on his medical side now but the behaviour stuff is extremly difficult.

well thats my not so short intro lol
Hello and welcome Image
Hi Natalie
Nice to meet you and welcome. You sound like you have a lot to cope with. Lots of lovely friendly and supportive people on here & I'm sure they will be along soon.
Bluebird Image
Welcome Natalie

I can't advise or help, 'cos my problems are the other end of the spectrum i.e. elderly parent with alzheimers ! But a lot of the carers on here are caring for young children with a variety of problems, so I'm sure there will be someone along that you can relate to.

In the meantime feel free to moan, rant and rail against your lot - no-one will think any less of you for doing so as, in some way or other, we've all been there !

best wishes
Hi Natalie nice to meet you.Welcome to the forum Image
i am here too!

God you wrote loads i just wrote a few lines1 lol
Just adding my welcome too Natalie.You will find lots of support here.

x x
claire i know i tried to keep it short but dont think thats possible with matthew LOL

thank you everyone for ur replies