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Caring for dad and brother - Carers UK Forum

Caring for dad and brother

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Newbie...sometimes at wits end, like most carers! I luckily have a carer's support worker for my brother who is a paranoid schizophrenic but it's my stubborn 84 year old dad who keeps me awake at nights. He's prone to chest and urinary tract infections which make him more than usually confused, and when I ask, he says he's fine and I HATE being the bad guy that calls the doctor in (I can't get him to go off his own bat) and I'm getting to the stage where I feel more than a little paranoid myself. Was wondering if it might be an idea for me to go to the doctors and explain the situation? especially as my dad never tells me when he's not feeling well and I have to guess Image
Advice would be helpful
Hi and welcome to the forum, I can't advise on your situation, but others who have had similar should be along soon to welcome you Image
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Is your dad's doc your doc too? Ours is the same and he's always more than happy to discuss any concerns I have about either of us, so it could well be worth a try.
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I think as carers we often have to be the bad guys Image but explaining to the doctor sounds good, though that's only my (non expert) opinion.
Hi and welcome.Above advice makes sense.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun. Image Image Image
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I understand your frustration ! Not easy answer but it would certainly be worth speaking to the GP - much easier if he / she is your GP too. Otherwise I guess you have to carry on doing what you feel is right even if you sometimes get criticised. That often happens to us Carers !

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Thanks all. It's good to be amongst people who understand Image
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum. Nan and I had the same doctor and she was always happy to discuss matters with me.

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