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Pip assessment

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Hi everyone I went for my assessment 2 weeks ago so I am now waiting for the DWP to make their decision . I have suffered with RA for 40 years diagnosed when I was a teenager I have had my good times and bad times with my illness however it never really gets better, as time goes on you become more disabled with this horrendous illness.I was awarded the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA for life in 1995 then after surgery on my feet I applied for the care component and was awarded this at the middle rate for life .Now as a money saving exercise people have to apply for a new benefit that most disabled people will not fit the criteria. My car has been my independence and at times when not well I have not even been able to drive. My assessment was ok the assessor was very sympathetic while remaining very professional. The one part that irritated me the most was the section concerning being able to drive .By being able to drive would seem to put one at a disadvantage when claiming PIP why would this be ? Driving for me gives me my independence and enables me to go from A to B because I would not be able to walk there or use public transport I am feeling very depressed at the moment while I wait for the outcome of my claim for PIP to be decided. If I am not awarded PIP this will be a total life changing situation for me and a loss of my independence fingers crossed for a positive outcome good luck to all you people that find themselves in the same position as me x x
Hi Julie ... welcome to the canteen.

Others will be allow to extend their welcomes.

DWP to PIP problems ?

Probably the number one emotive issue amongst the less abled ( Disabled ) community !

Add those four words to an Internet search and a whole host of links will be revealed.

Stretching from informative links ( CAB / Disability Rights / SCOPE etc. ) ... throught to recented cases involving the DWP ( Where they have come off worse ) ... and stopping at various disability forums wherein you find literally hundreds of postings from carees who have / are experiencing problems with the changeover.

Does not make pretty reading ...

Being able to drive ?

Interesting views on external forums :

https://www.youreable.com/forums/showth ... e-to-drive

https://dwpexamination.org/forum/pip-dl ... -worrying/

Even the difference between driving a manual or automatic car CAN have an effect on the assessment ... the forum postings bear witness to that.

Advocates to help have been mentioned in previous postings ... did you consider one ... or ask your local CAB / disability charity ( eg. SCOPE ) to assist ?

On DLA and a carer , carer is paid CA ( Providing criteria met ).

Reassessment and no PIP ?

Carer loses CA even if the caring duties are unchanged.

2 lose out for the price of ... zilch ?

On the caring side , anything of immediate concern that some of us maybe able to provide some guidance / advice ?