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Hello I'm a newcomer - Carers UK Forum

Hello I'm a newcomer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello my name is Sue and I'm a newcomer to the forum.
I am a carer for my husband who has Parkinson's disease. He has had Parkinsons for over 15 years now. At first I didn't even think of myself as a carer but his condition has worsened and 7 years ago I had to give up work to care for him.
Lack of sleep is a problem as I have to get up with him during the night at least once and often several times. Things always seem worse when I am tired.
We manage and I am continually adapting the way we do things to make life easier and pleasanter for us both.
When we have problems so far I have managed to get help from the Parkinsons society and from various medical people.
The thing that I find so difficult is the feeling of isolation. I try to be cheerful I know there are people with far worse problems and I have 2 loving and supportive daughters.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm not me anymore.
Hello SueB, a warm welcome to the Forum. I know you will find a lot of support and advice hear. Also it's a great place to have a rant (we all need to, at sometime or the other). Mostly of us can empathise with the day to day ups and downs of a Carers lot.

There is a lot of fun on the forum too, games, jokes and funny anecdotes, I'm sure that it won't be long before you find you will be in the thick of it all.
Welcome aboard Sue. There will be many members here who will relate to your post, have similar feelings.

Not sure if it is a road you want to try but have you been assessed to see if you qualify for any outside help. Your hubby can be assessed, as can you in your own right as his carer.

Although you are not new to caring Sue, you may find some useful information on this link , menu down left hand side. If you have any questions just holler, usually someone around to help. If we dont know the answers we can hopefully point you in the direction of someone who can.

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Hi Sue and welcome to the forum. Most of us don't realise til a few years down the line that we are carers.

Karen x x
Hi there, from another newby. Image
Hi SueB
Welcome, you'll find friends here for a rant and a laugh Image
Hello and thankyou for your messages.
I felt a bit teary just making contact with you all. I hadn't expected that.
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