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Hello,I`m a new to this - Carers UK Forum

Hello,I`m a new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I`m a totally new to this.I registered last night when I really was looking for help.I care for my wife .She was staying with her friend, whose husband is in hospital.
I had time to think about myself and about how I feel.Usually I just get on with looking after her and things and don`t really stop to think.
I have been under pressure ( as all carers are) with looking after my 80 year old mother ,who had an accident and fractured her skull in two places.It totally changed her character,but she has recovered quite well and has moved away.
My wife had a prolonged hospital stay at the same time.I was totally drained and it has taken me 6 months to start to feel better.
Phew - that feels better just telling somebody.I usually just keep it to myself.
I am picking my wife up this morning, but I will talk again soon.(and listen)
Thank you .
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Welcome to the forum musicman. Sounds like you have a lot to cope with so hope you find the forum helpful. Lots of great people on here who know what you're going through. Keep us posted.
Hi and welcome.The Forum is a great place to take time out and unburden your emotions.Most of us do it at some time.Hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image
Thank you for your encouraging replies.It`s great to know that there are people who understand.
Welcome to the site musicman.

There are plenty of people who understand.

Tracey x
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
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Yep, it's what carers often do. We just get on with things and plug away and we only realise how hard we're finding things when we stop and think. Still, better to know now than to keep pushing on to something worse. But as you've learnt, getting it off your chest helps. Feel free, we're a friendly crowd.

p.s. I'm guessing you're a music buff, so if you need it have a look in the Fun & Games section as there are some music related games there. I use them to take my mind of things for a while Image
Hi and welcome Image
And a warm welcome from me too Image

Yes I think its the odd moments when we are able to pause to reflect that the emotional side of what we do day to day really hits us. Its good to share this and as you can see, we all relate to what you have said. Caring can be exhausting but people here do understand and will always listen. We might even join you in the chorus....

Take care,